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Pregnant or not pregnant?

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Pregnant or not pregnant?

Postby qiyue » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:46 am

okay so i was taking birth control pills for maybe a month and a half this was about 2months ago .... when i stopped i got a period that was one the 01/27 lasted about 6days. then i stopped taking them because me and my partner decided we wanted to TTC so 02/05 was our first day from when we stopped using protection. The whole month of february was no protection and he always came inside me...at around the last week of february i got what i thought was my period. but it was nothing like my ordinary period it lasted 4days and i was pretty much spotting on day1. Day2-3 i only filled up the mid section of my pad and on the 4th day it would stop then start until that night it finally stopped and the whole time it was a orange pinkish color. i began taking tests and all of them would be negative until recently i bought one from the dollar store and it came back positive but with a faint pink. on the test line. then i bought digital ones but for some reason the damn thing that reads em didnt work.... but ive read up not to trust the test tube itself as even on non pregnant women two lines will come up because digital tests test something in us called LH or something .anyways the digital were a walgreens brand. then the next day i went to walmart and bought an early pregnancy test walmart brand and had a positive but still a faint blue. and it showed up during the time period so i know fer sure it wasnt an evap line. but im still confused because there was two in the box and i took em maybe 30min apart. one was pos one was negative.... so i had the dollar store one positive i took that one about a week ago then the digital ones were both positive took those couple days later(but as i mentioned the issue with the digital i dont know what to believe) and then the walmart brand one was negative and the other positive. havent taken anymore. i have an obgyn appt monday at 6 pm so we shall see what happens... hopefully i will be. we've been wanting a baby really bad. i got a blood test done maybe about a couple days back and was negative. but ive been having nausea and i tend to feel dizzy if i stand up for too long... and when they called me from my doctor i had a high WBC count and i only had that when i was pregnant with my first child. almost throughout my whole mid pregnancy i had a high WBC count... but im healthy and my son was and still is a very healthy baby. also with my first i also had the problem of my HCG being too low... the doctor had actually came in first and told me it was negative then another doctor came in and said there was another line on the test they ran blood and told me my HCG level was low. they did for a whole month blood work on me to ensure that my HCG level was rising...
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Re: Pregnant or not pregnant?

Postby Sunshine1576 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:49 pm

Yeah, birth control pills can throw your cycle completely off, and we know those hpt can be tricky, but wishing you good luck on Monday! I started to test this morning but didn't since I'm due to start on 3.25 but I had a tiny bit of spotting yesterday looks a little like old blood and I've had mild cramping and then it's stopped. Not sure what to think, but not going to test until I'm actually really late. Don't want any false hope, but kind of funny that this time last year we got pregnant over my dh's birthday 3/24. Miracles Do Happen!
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Re: Pregnant or not pregnant?

Postby MamaBoo » Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:11 am

Frankly, I'd be seeing my dr. The reason being is that ectopic pregnancy can make your hcg do weird things. Your numbers can go up and down. I would think that could cause it to show up on some sensitive tests and not on others. It could just be very early pregnancy too. Unless you have taken some sort of a trigger shot, I would not expect a false positive, and then only very early.
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Re: Pregnant or not pregnant?

Postby JennyKent » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:05 am

I think you have possibility to get pregnant because you have been delayed period and the best think that you should do to sure if you are pregnant or not then consult for a doctor.
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Re: Pregnant or not pregnant?

Postby deseniaL » Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:51 am

Consult a professional.
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