PREGNANT?!?!? it cant be....

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PREGNANT?!?!? it cant be....

Post by JJones » Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:25 am

I'm brand new to this site..
In January we took a pregnancy test and had a thin, but dye colored line in the positive area.. long story short it ended up in a misscarriage.

I took a pregnancy test about 45 minutes ago.. just as the dye was passing over the result window.. i saw it, a faint but very visable thin blue. Its not very visable in picture threw our camera phones.

NERVOUS because we are afraid to get excited.. but happy.

Should the result line be as thick as the control line?? its hard to describe.. but if the control line where thick like this
control- ||| the result is like this | (it is about that thin of a positive line)... ???
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Re: PREGNANT?!?!? it cant be....

Post by lhyne » Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:58 am

In using pregnancy test, Once the amount of time specified has passed, you can check the results. Usually in a separate window, if you are pregnant you may see a pink or blue line, a red plus or minus sign, a color change in the window or the urine in the test may change color, or the words pregnant or not pregnant. Keep in mind that the different tests may display the results differently, so make sure you read in the instructions what shape or symbol you should be looking for. If the test reveals a negative result and you do not get your period, you should retest in a couple more days or a week to make sure that you did not receive a false-negative result.

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