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1 Year into IVF and just found you!

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1 Year into IVF and just found you!

Postby Sarah30 » Thu Oct 24, 2002 6:32 pm

Hello, I'm Sarah<br><br>I'm 33 (Hubby 38) and it's been 3 years since we started trying to conceive. I had 1 years of tests including 2 ops and have been going the IVF route for the past year. Had 1 failed attempt - more tests and a further operation. First IVF cycle yielded 16 fertlized embryos. 2 used in first transfer - 13 frozen (a couple didn't divide).<br><br>This monday, I'm having my first FET and am feeling quite chilled at the moment. The thing that's worrying me more is telling my boss I need more time off work! How long do people normally take off after this? The doc said a couple of days but the nurse said 3 to 4 or maybe best to take the whole week.<br><br>Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.<br><br>Does anyone have any tips or advise for post FET care for yourself or any other useful information they could tell me?<br><br>Thanks in advance for any help/comments.<br><br>Sarah :o)
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1 Year into IVF and just found you!

Postby fiona_lk » Fri Oct 25, 2002 8:40 am

Hi Sarah,<br><br>Welcome to the site.<br><br>I've never managed to get any frozen embryos, so never been through FET, but the best advice I can give is to always put yourself first. There is enough to worry about in just going through the 2ww of IVF/FET.<br><br>How much time you have off really depends on how you feel and what job you do. I sit at a desk all day so I've been back to work 3 days after ET but others have jobs which include lots of standing or lifting and so have the whole 2ww off.<br><br>Where are you having treatment?<br><br>Good Luck<br><br><br>Fiona x
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1 Year into IVF and just found you!

Postby beck » Fri Oct 25, 2002 8:56 am

welcome sarah, fiona answered it in one...........im on my first ivf and im taking 2weeks off,but its down to your body and your mind.only do what you think is best.<br>hope you have a positive and good luck.<br>keep posting<br>beck x
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