30 weeks pregnant

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Linda Albert
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30 weeks pregnant

Post by Linda Albert » Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:13 am

We are maintaining a pregnancy community in India, here we are around 350 members in our community...

We have posted the questions in online but we did not get proper answers... I would like to include here, please give your answer here..

10) Questioned by Nancy:

30 weeks pregnant and i have pain lower right side?

been feeling this all day, sometimes its sharp pain and sometimes its not but i can always feel its there, i feel the baby moving and kicking so i don't think it's him, i had it yesterday and it was on and off throughout the night but today it has been there all day. when i lay on my right side it goes but when i get up it returns any idea what this could be i don't really want to go to hospital as i don't want to waste time if its nothing..

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