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Postby sindychu » Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:06 pm

Hi ,my name is Suki and i would like to ask you if you can spare some time and gave me your sincere opinion please.Can you advice me why clinics they don't use IUI method with fresh sperm ??? As success rate its so low[10%] with classic IUI why potential donor health its not checked 1 month before he give sperm donation and therefore with avoiding a freezing process chances for successfu lpregnancy will be at least 50%. I can't stand IVF and after failling it; our money its also running low so i and my partner we thinking to find a nurse and donor to perform IUI without freezing the sperm. For surely before that donor need to pass medical check up to see if he is suitable to became donor. Are they really big chances that sperm got infected in contact with air and therfore baby is born with disabilities ??? I REALLY,REALLY APRECIATE PEOPLE IF YOU COULD ADVISE ME ON THAT ISSUE!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SINCERE ANSWERS

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