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In 2WW and on ALL 3 Oral, Shots & Supp Progesterone. Help!

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In 2WW and on ALL 3 Oral, Shots & Supp Progesterone. Help!

Postby Acadian » Tue Mar 26, 2013 4:03 pm

Hi Everyone!

I am 4dp3dt with 3 Embryos. My Dr began me on Progesterone Oil shots the day of retrieval and has since added suppositories 3x/day and just yesterday added 200mg orally 2x/day. So, that makes it 3 suppositories a day + 2 Pills + one shot in the evening of both Progesterone and delestrogen(.5cc of Progesterone and .2cc of Delestrogen). :shock:

This seems like so much and I am starting to have terrible waves of cramps and hot flashes. I know that Progesterone side effects mimic your AF but unfortunately, my normal AF cycle has always been very painful so this just seems to heighten my symptoms.

Anyone else on this protocol?
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