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After Surgery:Try on our own vs IVF

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After Surgery:Try on our own vs IVF

Postby adr75050 » Tue May 20, 2014 8:46 pm

My husband and i have been TTC for over two years. We have two failed IVF's and then upon switching physicians we were told I have a fibroid embedded in my uterine wall and stage 3 endometriosis with two endometriomas on my right ovary. I had surgery and all of the endometriosis was removed as well as the fibroid. We are all set to try IVF again in July when my husband says he thinks we should try on our own again since the surgery is done. Initially the doctor discouraged this and stated that the risks associated with the recurrence of the endometriosis out weight any potential benefits of conception. My husband asked her a second time because he is adamant about it, still she says no. Asks a 3rd and final time and she says if we want to try for 1 or 2 months the we can as the recurrence would be minimal. My husband is adamant about trying because our previous cycles we were told we had unexplained infertility for me and male factor infertility for him (morphology and motility abnormal). However, now his tests are normal and after being informed of the endometriosis and fibroids, (I also had a septum uterus repaired) and having surgery he thinks we stand a chance of conception on our own. Our doctor gives us a 1-2% chance. Her original recommendation was for me to stay on active BC pills until initiating the IVF. Now she has said if we want to we can try on our own until the IVF cycle to start in late July/August. Im concerned about the re-occurrance of the endometriosis regardless of how insignificant. IDK if we should bother or not. I think we should just play it safe and do BC straight into IVF in order to maintain the optimum uterine environment for potential conception with IVF. My husband wants to try for two months prior to IVF. im worried 1% chance of conception isnt worth the risk of spreading. The doctor said we could do it (I think to appease him because he was so persistent) but did not necessarily recommend it. What should I do?
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