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Tips for lossing weight

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Re: Tips for lossing weight

Postby Erin Wolfe » Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:47 am

Follow these 10 tips:

Eat a high-protein breakfast.
Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.
Drink water a half hour before meals.
Choose weight loss-friendly foods.
Eat soluble fiber.
Drink coffee or tea.
Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.
Eat your food slowly.
Use smaller plates.
Get a good night’s sleep, every night.

Erin Wolfe
Erin Wolfe
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Re: Tips for lossing weight

Postby marlenehill » Wed May 22, 2019 8:50 am

When it comes to losing weight many people do not take care of their diet and the regular exercise which is good for them and their health. We all require being the best in our viewing and always try to get the best thing that helps them in a positive way. Your tips are good to define and describe these best things.
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