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wasn´t what expected

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wasn´t what expected

Postby loregc » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:09 am

Hi everyone! This last month was full of ups and downs. I went to an endocrinologist to see if a specialist could give me a better answer than the other doctors I visited, he said that actually my eating disorder was causing a hormonal misbalance on my body and that the normal hormones that regulate the cycle are not working like they should so he sent me a treatment right away, that really lifted a weight from my shoulders because we finally have answers to one problem. He said that with the treatment my body should start to regulate itself but that I will need help to conceive and that made me feel really sad because I really was expecting to have a normal and happy pregnancy after the treatment, but he said that it was the best option for me. I know I will do my best to be healthy and have a family but is a really long path full of ups and downs. I just hope that everything is going to be ok and wait for my next check up.
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