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How to Select an IVF Fertility Clinic

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How to Select an IVF Fertility Clinic

Postby Originelle Clinic » Tue Nov 13, 2018 7:42 am

In today's world pregnancy has become a big issue for many women. Either it is the fast-moving trend of the world losing its value of good health or improper lifestyle, pregnancy has become a problem for one out of eight women in the world. This is a saddening fact but there is also good news. As usual science and technology have come to the rescue for these women and their partners in the form of fertility clinics. There is one fertility clinic in every small town of developed and developing countries.

For many people across the world, living without a child is a curse. This could be only experienced than said in words. Those who undergo this drastic phase in their life know the difficulties. To bring an end to this misery they start to seek a fertility clinic. But with the costs involved most of them back away. This is a more saddening issue which affects many people all their life.
Importance of IVF fertility clinic:
So it has now become very important how to select an IVF fertility clinic which is best and also with viable costs. This has become so big an issue that the WHO or the World Health Organisation a part of the UN or United Nations to issue certain guidelines for these fertility clinics. The clinics with the WHO certification should be the main criteria for how to select an IVF fertility clinic.
Process of selecing IVF fertility clinic:
IVF treatments can cost thousands of dollars and involves a lot of strong drugs and hormones. It is an emotional roller coaster since it involves both partners. Discussing to finalize the right fertility clinic is hence a mind-boggling issue for both. Hence this is an issue to be done with care and concern and with the advice of elders and those close to you or in your locality who have done IVF treatment before.
The following questions should be asked to know how to select an IVF fertility clinic:
1. When did the fertility clinic open and how many successful treatments are done by it per year?
2. What are the restrictions of the clinic? This could show the ethical value of the clinic.
3. What are the tests and why are they done to both the partners? What is the process, duration and when can it be started?
4. What are the side effects and any major complications as per the patient's health?
5. What is the cost of the treatment and in how many installments it can be paid?
6. What is the track record of the chief doctor who manages the clinic?

Knowing the limits and to believe the instincts will help a lot in how to select an IVF fertility clinic. Originelle could be one such clinic with all the credentials for an ideal world-class fertility clinic. All the expectations of the needy women for pregnancy could be rightly fulfilled even beyond their expectations. This has made Originelle the most sought out fertility clinic around the world.
Originelle Clinic
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Re: How to Select an IVF Fertility Clinic

Postby Shank_D » Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:23 pm

Well, that's a very good topic indeed, to make the right choices when you're fighting infertility. Choosing the right one get's you to an advantage for sure. However, no one talks much about how important it is to choose the right clinic or how to go about it. I think the success rates matters the most when choosing a clinic. It has to be relevant to the person's medical and physiological report though... like someone 40+ should look for a clinic that has a good rate of success for older women and not the general success rate. There are very few clinics that actually serves it all or guarantees somewhat success in clinical fertility no matter the age or type of protocol. The Lotus Surrogacy in Ukraine is one of such multi-faceted best and can help in both gestational or traditional surrogacy. In case your own eggs are viable enough then it's best to do the initial process at the clinic only because that will simply ensure a better chance of success.
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Re: How to Select an IVF Fertility Clinic

Postby pagerelvia33 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:09 am

This questionnaire is much longer when it comes to choosing the clinic abroad.
Whoow. Just try and keep everything in your head when comparing all of the agencies. And I am actually a strong believer that the years the clinic or an agency was open do not matter. for the new agencies tend to do far more for their clients to be satisfied than those that have many more clients.
That's how I decided to sign with wcob.
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Re: How to Select an IVF Fertility Clinic

Postby xenia » Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:22 pm

I would add a few questions to ask a clinic:
- what are their success rates?
- is their lab certified?
- do they offer (and at what price) PGS NGS?
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