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Is it safe for pregnant?

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Is it safe for pregnant?

Postby Jeremiah18 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:44 am

Me and my boyfriend got broke up when i found out that I am pregnant and before i knew that it, i go out with my friends and went to a bar and use marijuana as one of the pain relievers for what happened to me. Then one day before we go out i am felt dizzy and not feeling well. I vomit a lot and my headaches. Then my friend told me if i already use a PT because of the signs that maybe I am pregnant then after we checked it. It's positive, i am very happy when i found out that i am pregnant and my boyfriend doesn't know about this. my question is, i take marijuana last week and i don't know that I am pregnant that time. Is it safe for my baby? I am afraid maybe it will have a bad effect.
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