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FCB's new thread

Post by jane » Sun Feb 22, 2004 4:14 pm

Well as we are all getting nearer scans, ec, et and the 2 ww, I thought I would sart a new thread so can keep up with everyone a bit easier. Here is a summary and a little message to you all.
Grandma - hello, this is my first time at ivf so I don't really understand about blastocyst and embryo quality yet. It all sounds really positive though and so good luck to you and your daughter for the 5th. I think we are meant to avoid seafood due to allergies, and can pass to the baby? Not sure though.
Dizzy - good luck for et on Monday
Miracle - hope you are doing ok. Hopefully we have all caught your baby dust
Belinda - hope all goes well on Moday for your blood test.
Traci - your support is fab. I saw oin another thread that you are considering acupuncture and chinese herbs. Go for it. Its expensive, though and the herbs are foul but I'm giving it a go and its making me positive.
Allison - you will get there in the end. I hope next week brings better luck and those follies have grown.
Wendy - all the best for Monday. I'll be thinking of you and all those follies. It'll take them for ever to get all of your fab eggies.
Angela - welcome. I'm injecting merional. Thats meant to be the cheapest. See the other thread about merional. people have said its worked fine.
BecknCraig - hows it going. Sorry about the upset tummy - just more delights around the corner for me then!!!!!!?????
Loopy Lou - R u having ec next week?
Susan - haven't heard from you for a while. Hows it going?
July ann - are you nearly at et?
Kathryn - - hope you are feeling OK
Debra - have you had et yet?

Traci - I think a test date is a good thread to have.

Well speak to you all soon.
Its a big week for a lot of us next week. I can't wait for ec and et to be over with. I am just so emotional at the moment. Just can't stop crying. Dh and I are heading for a divorce at this rate. I just can't be civil, and he hasn't quite got the grasp that I want a hug when I am rude to him and not the cold shoulder. I think he's too scared to open his mouth.
Well I will try and be nice to him. However I can hear in the background that Liverpool have just lost. he certainly wont be happy.
I can't even hug the dog as she rolled in some fox's poo this morning and I haven't had the stomach to wash her. Why do dogs do that?
and I got a speeding ticket today.
I hope all my crying isn't affecting my little follies!
Speak to you all soon.
From Sophie-Jane


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Post by Traci » Sun Feb 22, 2004 5:05 pm

Wow you have been busy well done for the summery it helps me!!!

Trace x
1st cycle own eggs Neg
2nd cycle own eggs Neg
3rd cycle cousins eggs Neg
4th cycle unknown donor eggs Neg
Going to have sisters eggs Feb 06

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Post by loopylou57uk » Sun Feb 22, 2004 5:46 pm

hi jane thanks for starting a new thread, im due ec this friday all being well.and i know exactly where your coming from with the moods ect best of luck
love loopy :)

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Post by Miracle » Sun Feb 22, 2004 6:22 pm

Hi all,
Belinda good luck for your Monday test. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.Jane,I totally agree with people telling with that even a lesser number of follies can bring u healthy babies.My friend who is 32 just had 5 healthy follies and her baby is due in april.So if u are destined to have a baby,u will have it…anyhow.Hi loopy,tracy,dizzy,grandma ,wendy , angela ,beckncraig ,susan, kathryn ,debra and all of u going through till difficult but challenging phase of life.Good luck to all of u for next week.Guys,I am going for my ultrasound on Monday afternoon.. The doctor is going to check if my uterine lining is thick enough for the embryos to be transfeered on the 1st of march.2nd march is dh's bday.If the eggs survive the thaw process(which i will come to know only on the morning of transfer :roll: ),then there will be a transfer otherwise,taking all these medications and unlimited injections would be a waste.Sometimes i just don't understand the sarcasm of life.....why do i have to torture myself so much and wait for the transfer day which will determine whether i am going to have any transfer afterall!!!!But it will happen....if not in february....then march...april...someday...Jane, dont blame yourself for crying or anger or anything ...we all are heroes to go through this and the sooner we and people around us understand this ,the better life will be.
bye guys,
sorry if i have missed anyone.
It's going to be ok in the end.Even if it's not ok....IT"S NOT THE END!!!

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Post by Magnus » Mon Feb 23, 2004 11:39 am

Hi guys,I am a bit behind everyone so haven't posted for a while but have been reading all your posts and send lots of pma to you all.am still bloody sniffing and waiting for af to arrive,hopefully she will arrive soon!!!!!
Anyway just wanted to say hi and am crossing everything for all of you as you reach ec and transfer.
big hugs Magnus x

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Post by loopylou57uk » Mon Feb 23, 2004 2:10 pm

hello everyone,i had my scan today and i am the proud owner of 27 follies at the moment,probably a few more on friday when i have ec.
im really looking forward to this.i didnt remember a thing last time which was good,dh said i never stopped asking how many follies i had,i was driving him a bit mad i think!i hope you all doing well.post soon.
love loopy :) :)

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Post by Traci » Mon Feb 23, 2004 2:55 pm

Well done , gosh this month seems to be going well folli wise!!! :D we only need a handfull of you and you could get an entire crop for all of us!!!!

Trace x

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Post by katefirth » Mon Feb 23, 2004 5:20 pm

Hi All FCBs

I am newish to this site - I posted in November but not since (have loitered)

I started stims on 18th Feb, so hopefully will be going for EC early next week. I'm still waiting to see if my hormone levels get up to a healthy number or whether they will tell me to stop treatment. I seem to be a very slow starter!

Good luck to everyone this month!


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Post by Allison » Mon Feb 23, 2004 6:19 pm

Hi all FCBs,

Thanks to you all for your support following my post on Saturday. It was a very low day but today I had another scan and things look a lot more positive. I have 6 follies inc 3 reasonable size and 3 smallish ones so things are looking a bit better. Now I'm hoping they put on a growth spurt before Wednesday when my next scan is due.

Traci - Its lovely to hear from you again. We have messaged before and I am only sorry your donor egg cycle didnt work. Thnaks for your good wishes - sounds like they have some true.

Wendy - Thnaks for your support

Miracle - Nice to hear about your friend. Lets hope she inspires us all onto great things.

Sophie Jane - My hubby hasnt a clue either. I had a very bad day on Saturday and all I wanted was a hug. Instead he started shouting at me and we ended up having a big argument. I dont think any of them have a clue how we feel being prodded, poked and injected etc

Kate - I was a slow starter as well and things seem better now so I hope things pick up for you as well.

Wishing you all lots of luck

Love Allison

Susan L
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Post by Susan L » Mon Feb 23, 2004 6:31 pm

Hi all
not much happening with me im behind alot of you i have my first check up scan thursday then hopefully all starts from there im still feeling horrible with head aches,moody ect well done to everyone one with good numbers of follies lets hope it keeps running that way and i get a good number but dont want to many good luck to everyone having ec and et this week, wendy thinking of you today hope all went well with ec 40 follies wow what a number

post soon

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Post by beckncraig » Mon Feb 23, 2004 6:50 pm

Hi Again All

Seems like everyone's treatment has been different to ours, but hey it's all for the same result we hope. Quite glad i didn't have to use nasal sprays though as my sinuses are buggered.

4 days to our preg test. Come on embies you can do it.

Most of you seem to be approaching or just had EC so good luck for good ETs lots of PMA to you all. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi Sophie Jane, washed the dog yet???

Miracle here's to an embie or 2 surviving

Welcome Grandma, Katiefirth we've only just joined but finding the support and info a great help. Good sharing conversation with people that understand what's going on

Allison, glad to hear about your follie spurt, hope they put in and extra big spurt for you by Wednesday.

Bye Bye

Sorry if we missed anyone

Large Sprinkles of Babydust for everyone

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Post by jane » Mon Feb 23, 2004 7:40 pm

Hi all,
Well after a very emotional weekend (lots of crying and being stroppy - and thank you to those who replied on my other thread) I was feeling slightly better until my scan a couple of hours ago.
On Friday I was told I had 16 follies (all between 16mm and 10mm) and was told I was all set for ec on Wed.
However have just had another scan (the consultant did it this time) and the follicle number has fallen (only about 10 now) and they are much smaller - only about 12mm. The consultant said they must have measured them wrong last time. He said my blood test was good and showed that my oestrogen levels have risen (now about 6000). They told me not to worry that everything is fine but that I need an extra 2 days, so wont have ec now until Friday.
I am left really worried. I asked the consultant whether the follies could have shrunk and some disappeared. he said no as my oestrogen levels were high. However I am so worried that they have started to disappear and that on wed (my next scan) they will be even smaller. It was all going so well and now this is just crap.
The nurse and consultant said I have nothing to worry about and that 4 other people have been deferred for 2 days this month, but I just can't be rational about it. SO HURRY UP WEDNESDAY :( :cry:
Anyway - hope everyone elese has got on well today. Wendy and Dizzy whats your news? I hope everything went well - and eggs and embros are fine and dandy. BecknCraig- I hope you are hanging in there. Can't wait for you to start the FCB's off with a positive.
Speak to you all soon.
Love from Sophie-Jane
Hugs to you all.

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Post by wendy30 » Mon Feb 23, 2004 8:53 pm

Hi Girls

Ec was ok today, only got 7 eggs from the 40 follies but they seem happy that they are really good quality. Ec was going ok till they started on my right ovary and discovered it was way further up than the left one so the pushed it down on my belly to move it so not feeling the best now..

Have to phone in the morning and will be back in for et Wednesday or Thursday.

Hope everyone else is well

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Post by Grandma » Mon Feb 23, 2004 10:56 pm

My daughter started her estrogen patch today and about an hour after applying the patch, she started to feel dizzy. Her nurse said she never heard of that happening, but she would ask dr. and call back if he thought it was serious. Anyone ever hear of this symptom? She is getting very irritable with the wait. She was advised to stay in bed for several days and then limit activity.

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Post by loopylou57uk » Mon Feb 23, 2004 11:20 pm

hello everyone,welcome to those who have just joined us,the more positives this month the better,pma,pma :)
grandma,im sorry i cant help as i had the suppositries lat time round,please can you tell me why your daughter has to have bed rest is she unwell or have the clinic said to rest after et.
wendy 30,im glad ec went well today as long as you got some eggs thats the main thing,it only takes 1,
jane i wouldnt worry yourself about your follies im sure you will be fine.ive got ec friday aswell,the size of my follies range from 14 to under 10 so dont panic,wewill be fine.
beckncraig,only four days to go until you get a big fat positive,lets start as we mean to go on. :)
alison,im glad things are going ok with your follies good luck for wed sacn i have my last one then too.then ec on fri will yours be fri aswell?
i hope everyone is fine and im sorry if i missed anyone.
keep up the pma.
forgot to say that when i had my scan today a male doctor done it and he nearly put the probe in the wrong end.typical man!haha1 :) :)

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