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Post by Sand » Sun Mar 14, 2004 11:45 am

Hi Everyone

I've been reading the postings with interest over the last few days ..... have managed to fathom out some of the abbreviations, but must confess that am stumped by the following :
ttc (trying to conceive . :?: )

I've had a look in the Glossary, but am no nearer. Any clarification would be appreciated !



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Post by loopylou57uk » Sun Mar 14, 2004 12:13 pm

hi girls,just like to wish kathryn and bel b a big fat positive result for tomorrow i know you will get one.9come on girls) :D :D :D
to all the other 2 ww`s best of luck and keep up the pma not long to go.
dont worry about the bloated tummy i had that,the nurses said its the follicles filling up with fluid after ec. it takes time to go down and if your pregnant it will get bigger so get used to it girls. :)
hello sand,welcome to the board,are you going through treatment at the moment?to help you out.dh-darling husband.af-aunty flo(period).pma-positive mental attitude,and lots of it.bfp-BIG FAT POSITIVE.LOTS OF THOSE TOO.the ttc was correct.
susan l i hope everything goes ok for you.best of luck. :)
traci-did you get my e-mail,i thought it was quite funny.
best of luck and BIG FAT POSITIVES to everyone.
love loopy. :D

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Post by Sand » Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:05 pm

Hi Loopy

Thanks for reply and a big congrats to you ! You must be totally thrilled and I'm v. happy for you.
:D :D :D
This is our first cycle (ICSI). I had ET on Fri 12th, so now on day 2 of tww. Already it seems like its been going on forever ! Bloated tum and sharp period-like pains. It's reassuring to hear that others have/are experiencing same. Very emotional and tired. Test due on 29th and can't wait....Wish I could sleep through 'till then, instead of worrying about every sneeze, tingle, twinge ...

Anyway ..... I'll stop moaning now and take a PMA (!)

Once again - happy for you, and look forward to the +ve news from your scan !!


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Post by angelina » Sun Mar 14, 2004 2:25 pm

Hi Sandy and welcome

I had ET on 10th March and due to test on 24 March - i too like you are feeling and worrying about every little twinge, pain ....., which i seem to have had alot of! Im gonna chill out on sofa this afternoon and have a relax day.

Good luck, bye for now.

Love A

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Post by angelina » Sun Mar 14, 2004 2:34 pm

PS forgot to say thanks Loopy and Debra for your reassuring advice, and also everyone elses!!!!


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Post by jane » Sun Mar 14, 2004 4:04 pm

Hello all,
Well I'm back ... not with a smile on my face ... but not so many tears. Thank you all for your posts on my other thread.
Belb and Kathryn - GOOD GOOD Luck tommorrow. I am thinking of you and have everything crossed. I really hope it all works out.

The FCB's have beaten the statistics so far (4 out of 9 pg = 45%) so more Positives please as it will give every woman who looks at this site more hope and to believe that their dreams will come true. I know that I am now feeling more +ive about my FET's after reading the posts.

Alison, Angelina and Sand = hope you are all surviving the 2ww. There are no right or wrong symptoms, everyone is different, so just relax and take it easy. Will keep on checking your posts to see how you are doing.

Well done again to Loopy, Debra, ReganKate and BecknCraig - enjoy it and I hope all your tests and scans are ok. Do as miracle says and dont stress ... just enjoy it as it will all be absolutely fine.

Miracle - your post to me was lovely.... you are so brave. What are your plans for starting again?

To all the other FCB's - Wendy, Dizzy, Grandma, Julyann - hope everything is OK. Thank you all for your support.
Off to curl up an the couch with wine and chocolate. I also had a long soak in the bath today for the first time in two weeks.
From Sophie-Jane.
Aged 32. 1st ivf failed March 04. Going to try again with my frosties.
Have a scruffy dog called Tobye.

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Post by Grandma » Sun Mar 14, 2004 5:14 pm

Jane, thanks for including me in the FCB. I read the board every day, but don't really have much to say. I'm really happy for those of you who had success this time and my heart breaks for those who did not. My daughter (Amy) is picking up the pieces. This cycle was paid for out of pocket ($13,000.00), so I think they will wait until insurance kicks in (October) to try again. The RE seemed surprised that it didn't work this time. Said it was a perfect cycle. Maybe assisted hatching is needed? Meanwhile, she is getting her nursery ready because she said I WILL have a baby one day, either by IVF or adoption.

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Post by july ann » Sun Mar 14, 2004 7:04 pm

hi girls

just wanted to wish the girls on there two week wait good luck. Only one more night to go for some. the fcb have so many positives well done.I have joined the mcb but will pop in to see how you are all getting on

from july ann
been in tmt for 4 years.Male factor. Have had 3 icsi, one ivf with donor sperm.Went for fet with 7 eggs but none made it to blastocyst. just had 5 DI. test date 27 july

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Post by Miracle » Mon Mar 15, 2004 1:45 am

kathryn and belb,
Goodluck goodluck gookluck...everything crossed for u both tomm.!!!!Lets hear some big fat positives.it's nice to see all the FCB'S back on the board...Ur postings mean a lot!!!!!!!

Welcome to all the new ones on this site and good luck to all the 2ww's.

It's going to be ok in the end.Even if it's not ok....IT"S NOT THE END!!!

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Post by BelB » Mon Mar 15, 2004 6:34 am

Hi gals,
Am soooooooooo stoked, have been smiling all afternoon, apparently my levels are excellent, I had HcG of 1100 and high progesterone as well (didn't get the official number!!), I had a m/c last time, so just want to take one day at a time, am very much trying to keep up the PMA though. Just feel really tired this afternoon, I think the combination of the drive back from Noosa and the emotional energy of the IVF rollercaoster has taken its toll, have already slept this afternoon for an hour, and will sleep really well again tonight!
Thanks sooo much for your support through this, has been a hard time, but is so lovely to have so many positives (our stats must be fabulous by now!!)
Miracle, thanks for your supportive words, I really do look forward to when you cycle again, I have a very strong feeling that next time will be better for you..PMA :D

Julyanne, thanks for you best wishes as well. The 2ww sucks, but this board does make lots of difference. I'll be keeping up with the mcb messages to suss out your positive next time around :D

Grandma, you're absolutely right, Amy WILL have a baby, she is very young, the odds are STRONGLY stacked in her favour, she will get through this with a positive. :D

Jane, lovely to hear frm you again, the soak in the tub sounds divine, enjoy the wine and chocolate as well..When are you cycling again?

Angelina, Chilling out sounds like the right thing to do, will be thinking of you on the 24th and checking in to hear your news. PMA and babydust to you!

Sand, welcome to the FCB, and welcome to the MAD world of the 2ww, is a strange old time, but I have learnt that all of us have such different symptoms, the emotional and tired stuff seems quite common though. ICSI has a VERY high success rate I think, so looking forward to your positive news.

Loopy-Thanks for your support and lovely words, looking forward to posting with you on "the other side" (though I'm gonna wait till I survive my first scan!!!)

Debra- YAY!!!!, is great to be here with my kind-of-aussie friend!!!..You're right, Noosa is fabulous!!, the beach is really protected, really gentle surf, lots of white white sand, and the best restaurants in Qld, highly recommended from me!

Allison - Good luck for your test on Wednesday!!!, lets keep our stats up!

Kathryn- Am sooooo keen for your news, please post soon!

To everyone else, keep up the PMA, thanbks so much for your support, will log in again tomorrow

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Post by DebraP » Mon Mar 15, 2004 9:36 am

Belinda....what FANTASTIC and fabulous news. You so deserve this.....

as you say, take one day at a time and enjoy every moment.

Big hugs for John, he must be thrilled.


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Post by beckncraig » Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:42 am

Good Luck to Kathryn for today. Our fingers are crossed for you.

Well done Bel thats great news. we like BIG FAT POSITIVES. :lol: :lol:

Well we've got our scan tomorrow i just hope eveything is ok.
We've only done hpt no blood testing is done in portsmouth so we don't know our levels are. God i'm really scared that they won't find our embies.
My boobs are hurting & i feel really tired. keep feeling a sick but i don't know if thats my nerves or not. Well fingers crossed.

Sending hugs to you all.

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Post by Miracle » Mon Mar 15, 2004 2:06 pm

i knew it Belinda!!!!!I knew it!!!!Congratulations!!!!That is awesome news...i was just expecting that post from u this morning and was very nervous when i did not see ur results new thread...now i am keen to see kathryn's positive.....Everyone who has had a ++++++,Congratulations !!!!!.Everyone Who had a negative....we will cycle again and as it has worked for our buddies on this message board,it will work for us too.....Very Very soon.My hopes are high and my belief in technology,science,god and miracles has trippllleddd .Thanku all!!!!My babies will make it next time---thanku belinda for saying that.It means more to me than u can imagine.Regankate,let's hear some high numbers..which i am sure u will post...Relax...................

It's going to be ok in the end.Even if it's not ok....IT"S NOT THE END!!!

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Post by regankate » Mon Mar 15, 2004 5:19 pm



THat was my HCG number.............IS that high??
I already posted on the HCG level post but I wanted to make sure you got this!!!
I am still nervous no matter what the numbers say, I have been cramping is that normal???

wish you all the BEST!!!!

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Post by KathrynT » Mon Mar 15, 2004 5:35 pm

Hi girls
I cannot believe how much has happened over the weekend on this site since I last checked in... all these new +ves!
Bel,Loopy and ReganKate... well done in joining Beckncraig and Debra
SophieJane and JulyAnne... I am so sorry you had such shit results.
Angelina/Sand.... hope you're surviving the 2 ww.
Allison...good luck testing tomorrow
Susan... hope things are going ok with you.
Miracle... how are you doing there? You are so strong and positive... things will be good for you next time.
Grandma...glad to see you're still keeping an eye on us.
Hi to everyone else I've missed...
....I'm in such a state now... I'm off home as dh is now back and we will do our test tonight. I am so excited and so nervous. My whole weekend has been spent (with my Mum) just wondering if my wee embie is still there or if I am talking to nothing..... oh and lots of knicker checking of course. It's been even worse knowing I could really have tested on Saturday...dh had better have bought me a nice pressie from Italy for all this suffering!!
Thanks everyone for your support. I know I don't get much chance to write on this board but sometimes I just have time for a quick read and just to see the support everyone gives is amazing. It's like having you all in my house or work all day with me!! :lol:
I'll log in as early as poss tomorrow morning and let you know if it's
Me 37 Dh 39 ttc 8 years
1st IVF May 2001(Failed) Damaged tubes
2nd Feb 2004 (Failed)
Have border collie Megan Roo (nearly 5)

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