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message for debs

Postby sammy » Sun Nov 03, 2002 6:35 pm

hi debs,i,m quite new to this site.Sorry to hear your news,but i must say you really do have the right attitude.I,m on my 3rd go at icsi.Our 2nd go was sucsessful,although the pregnancy stopped at 9 weeks.The thing is we really do have to be strong and posotive.i remember my 1st failed attempt,i was absoultley devestated.I thought that putting the problem with a hospital would make it all ok,but when it was negative i was shocked.I honestley said never again,i didnt think that we could do it again.We never managed any frosties so it would be the same process all over again.But after a while it really was a short while i realised our need was to much to give up,and the whole process had made us much stronger.I keep reminding myself that as long as at the end there is a good grade embryo being put back we have as much chance as falling pregnant as the most fertile couple next door,so that does bring us back to luck and i believe we all have a bit of that it just depends when.I know its hard to listen to anyone after such a s..t result,but trust me we are made stronger for this,you will get there,and at the mo if you feel like crying,shouting or anything you have so much right to do so.Christmas is just round the corner,a hard time in this position,make of it what you can,i always feel a new year a new start,and keep posotive.<br>thinking of you<br>take care<br>sammyxxxxxxxxxxxx
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