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Endo, Csyts, non response - you name it

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Endo, Csyts, non response - you name it

Postby pithface » Fri Aug 09, 2002 11:30 am

Hi<br><br>I'm new on the site - but not new to this strange world we live in :, and I have a few questions to ask anyone - -<br>1. I stopped treatment midcycle because I did not respond to any medication - how long should you wait for your next period - I have been waiting over 35 days and I'm usually 25.<br>2. Has anyone treid using the herb Agnus Castis (Chasteberry) to control their hormones - what was the result?<br>3. Has anyone not responded to injections at all - I had 6 ampules of medication with no response! What did they do?<br>4. Does anyone have any ideas for natural solutions to endo and cysts - have them both!!<br>And believe it or not my husband has the fertility problem - he has cystic fibrosis - absence of the vas deferens.<br><br>Any information would be much appreciated - I'm not sure where else to turn. We've been waiting over 2 years to just try a treatment and we haven't even been able to have one ICSI cycle yet??? It is getting very frustrating<br>Thanks!!<br>
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