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when to test

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when to test

Postby frances » Tue Nov 05, 2002 10:28 pm

Hi<br>I am due to test on Thursday but I did a hpt on Monday which was negative.We are now feeling really really low and we dont know what to think.Can anyone give me any advice-was I too early? Is there still a chance?Help please!<br>Hope to hear from someone soon<br> Frances
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when to test

Postby NickyJ » Wed Nov 06, 2002 7:09 am

Frances,<br><br>Don't panic...I was told not for any reason to do a hpt as the pessaires and all the other stuff I was on often gives false readings. The main thing is to wait for your blood test. It was a year ago today I was in the 2ww and I know all you want to do is know the answer but don't go by the hpt. Everyone's symptoms are different and I was totally convinced mine hadn't worked but two babies later I was proved very wrong!!! Just one more day, so do something special for yourself to take your mind off it (like you can forget about it....NOT!!) maybe hire a video or buy a new lipstick or a packet of Rolo's in the fridge then mix with yummy ice cream......aagggghhhhh<br><br>Evrything is crossed for you<br>NickyJ
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