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6th time lucky?

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6th time lucky?

Postby alice » Mon Nov 04, 2002 5:54 pm

Hi again Daisy. im pleased that so many people replied to you. It is true that a sympathetic ear to your cause helps so much. It sounds really silly but you sound stronger already. When I first found this site I was a complete addict, but now I feel stronger I feel that I don't need to come as often. Keep logging in as much as yuo need to.<br><br>I am really pleased to hear from you Nicola. You sound great. Daisy, last time me and nicola chatted we were both at the pits weren't we? Now we are both ok, so you see it does slowly get better.<br><br>Nicola you sound great. To be honest I am enjoying life at the moment too. I do still have awful days where the pain cuts through me, but like you I am enjoying my friends and getting drunk, going out, and yes, buying new clothes as I appriciate now that the only reason I will get fat is over eating!!!!! Isn't it funny how we all think exactly the same things but never really admit it to anyone? Its good to hear from you. The break did you good.<br><br>Anyway, later<br>alicexxxxxxx
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6th time lucky?

Postby daisy » Wed Nov 06, 2002 1:57 pm

Hi Nicola, thanks for your message. I'm so sorry your 3rd cycle has failed. I hope you are able to use your frozen eggs, unfortunately we have never had any eggs that were good enough to freeze, so have had to go through the IVF from scratch each time, although my last cycle was called a "flare cycle" which basically only lasted for 2 weeks, no nasal spray, which was brilliant,just two different injections per day. I'm hoping that they will let me have this treatment again, because although it failed, they did have more eggs than before.<br><br>I'm glad to hear you are feeling good at the moment. I have had terrible skin too, my cheeks have been very red with tiny blisters. I had not heard of the IVF effecting others like this, so I know how you feel, it's bad enough feeling crap but when you know you look awful as well, you really feel like hiding under a stone, or investing in lots of paper bags!. It has got much better recently,(my last cycle was September).<br><br>Let me know what you think of the book, I guess after five failures I really should be thinking of moving forward, but I just find the prospect totaly unbareable at the moment. It's only the treatment that is keeping me going, because with it there is still hope, and I don't feel strong enough to give up on that. <br><br>Take care and thanks for writing.<br>love<br>Daisy<br><br><br>
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6th time lucky?

Postby nicolam » Thu Nov 07, 2002 2:28 pm

Hi Daisy<br><br>Just wanted to say that I will definitely let you know about that book. Although we've not given up yet, I just felt that I had to do something else 'positive' whilst we're waiting. My rationale was that the more time I give myself yourself to consider being 'childfree' (as it's called in the book), the better I can cope during any further treatment (I hope).<br><br>We've hit a bit a stumbling block as the test my DH was supposed to have to analyse his sperm seems to have come to a halt. Our consultant hasn't come back to us still and it takes a couple of months to get the results, so we're not best pleased. Don't know what's going on. We just don't feel confident enough to use our frozen ones if it turns out it's sperm abnormality (DH's sperm look fine, but they can't seem to fertilize the egg on their own ie without ICSI). So we don't feel we can face going through FET or ICSI without having some other knowledge - or it could all be for nothing again otherwise. Re. the allergy (or hives/urticaria as it was diagnosed), I'd been on Metformin for a whole year, as I also have Polcystic Ovaries, so I don't know whether it was that as well - or just the stress factor. The clinic didn't seem take much notice of it, despite the fact I had to go on steroids just before my 2nd try, when my whole face swelled up! I looked like the elephant woman, it was so scary. So yes, it's just about the last thing you need on top of everything else!<br><br>Hang in there and do whatever you have to do to try and take your mind off it all.<br><br>Love Nicola x<br><br><br> <br>
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