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Anyone know anything about lining thickness...

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Anyone know anything about lining thickness...

Postby Sandra S » Fri Nov 08, 2002 2:15 pm

Hi <br>Haven't been on the site for a while but recently went to clinic to start process of frozen embryo transfer following 1st ivf. Kept going for scans and eventually they said that my lining was 8mm so that would be ok to go ahead and do the transfer as soon as the ovulation predictors say I have ovulated. The problem was that my consultant (who I didn't see that day) had originally told me the lining would have to be at least 8mm or we would abandon the cycle and strart again but with some drugs to help the lining. I phoned them back and insisted on having another scan to see if it had increased any more and this time saw my consultant. It hadn't and he said that we could chance it but he wasn't really happy and if I would rather start again with drugs that was what we would do. so waiting now for next period in order to start down reg drugs and HRT to increase lining. Has anyone ever used HRT for lining? Has anyone had problems with lining? As they didn't scan me to check my lining just before ET on my first IVF could this be one of the reasons for failure or do the stim drugs help with lining?<br><br>Sorry for all questions but if anyone can help I would be grateful.<br><br>thanks and good luck to you all.<br><br>Sandra
Sandra S
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Anyone know anything about lining thickness...

Postby Sarah30 » Fri Nov 08, 2002 2:32 pm

Hello Sandra<br><br>I'm on 2ww after FET on 28th October. I had scans prior to my fet to check the lining but they didn't say anthing at to me, just that it was all ok and we could go ahead.<br><br>I have my first IVF in may which failed and only after failure did they bother to do a scan and found that my womb lining was full of polyps AND that I had a hormone imbalance in my ovaries, so really my first attempt was a bit of a waste. I've since had an op to sort both out and am apparently ok now.<br><br>I wouldn't sit and wonder, I would phone them and ask - you can never ask too many questions and if it's bothering you, it won't stop until you know - so get on the phone!<br><br>Shame about missing the opportunity this month - hope it goes ok for you next time with the drugs.<br><br>Sarah :o)
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