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ICSI First Timer any advice?

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ICSI First Timer any advice?

Postby KirstyC » Sat Nov 09, 2002 10:38 am

Hello,<br><br>Me and my husband are just about to embark on the scary journey into ICSI treatment. We have chosen our clinic and met our consultant and are soting out prelimary tests etc. <br>I have severe endo and my husband has poor sperm but have been told are chances are fairly good... but we both realise the odds are against us...<br>Any advice anyone can give would be extremly useful as we dont know anyone who has travelled down this path.....<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Kirsty
TTC for 7 yrs (have severe endo and pcos and hubby has v low sperm) until became pg after ICSI cycle last feb. Now am the lucky mother of perfect little boy called Joshua born last october.
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ICSI First Timer any advice?

Postby Janice » Sat Nov 09, 2002 2:51 pm

Hi Kirsty<br><br>I can't give you any advice really, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. We are just starting the scarey journey too. I start sniffing on Monday, EC & ET due the week before Christmas. I should be excitited (and I am really) but at the moment I cry as soon as someone looks at me! Its a hell of a rollercoaster we face - so its nice to know other people feel the same way. The girls on this site are the best source of comfort and advice going!<br>Good Luck for the future.<br>Janice
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ICSI First Timer any advice?

Postby fi » Sat Nov 09, 2002 3:18 pm

travelling down the ICSI path!.....<br><br>best advice is log onto this regaularly as any questions you may have someone has the answers.<br>Just take each day as it comes, and stay positive but realistic.<br>Best of luck, we hope to go for ICSI cycle no 2 in Feb.<br>Love Fi<br><br>P.S.It helped us to tell one really close couple but not all our friends/family as it just gets to be too much (especially around 2WW!)
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ICSI First Timer any advice?

Postby Nina1 » Sat Nov 09, 2002 5:39 pm

Hi Kirsty,<br><br>Fi is so right. Any time you have a question, ask here. It's so comforting to 'talk' to people who're going through the same thing. Looking through past messages gives you lots of info too. Our first ICSI attempt was in June this year (unsuccessful), and we're about to try again (ec and et mid-December).<br><br>For me, the preparation and injections part of the treatment were fine. I made sure I was being pretty healthy - stoppped drinking alcohol, cut down on caffeine, exercised and ate a good balanced diet. My partner did the same. Ec and et were fine, but I did find the 2ww absolute hell. It was partly the hormones kicking in big-time and partly the whole suspense thing. I found myself analysing every single little twinge, and truly couldn't think about anything else. The longest 2 weeks ever!<br><br>Keep posting and be positive - I'll be looking out for your messages!<br>lol,<br>Nina
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