Mandy - 2ww

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Mandy - 2ww

Post by Sandra » Tue Aug 13, 2002 7:33 am

Hi<br><br>It looks like we are on the 2ww together now, I had 2 perfect embryos put back yesterday, My consultant had a bit of a shock as when I had my scan before the EC they could only see 4 good sized follicles so he thought I would have a low EC, but the little buggers where hiding and he found 10 eggs, and I also had 8 which fertilised, we are just waiting to see if the other 6 go on to blastocyst so they can be frozen. Have you had any frozen?<br><br>How are you getting on? it's only my first day today and already I am bored and it's only 8.30am, are you at home at the moment?<br><br>Are you drinking your water and milk? I think I am going to explode if I drink anymore. <br><br>This time I am taking 75mg of asprin a day, this aparently thins your blood and can help me hold onto them, so they say.<br><br>When are you doing your pg test? Mine is on the 26th if AF dosen't arrive on the 24th.<br><br>Well must go now, my milk is calling.<br><br>Keep in touch.<br><br>Sandra E<br><br>

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Re: Mandy - 2ww

Post by floringir » Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:38 pm

It is hard to read your post with all the <br> tags

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