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Remembrance Day!!

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Remembrance Day!!

Postby NickyJ » Mon Nov 11, 2002 11:31 am

Still recognise a few names but wanted to share this with you guys today. The 11th Nov will always be a special remembrance day for us as it was exactly one year ago today we got the +ve blood test after 4 years of operations and crappy odds we struck lucky with ICSI first time. I will never forget the 2ww it had to have been the most emotional time of my life adn we trully appreciate our babies (twins boy and girl) more than words can say. I have never once complained about sleepless nights or crying as we have been there with all the girls on this board and we know how lucky we were. I read through a few of the messages today and can so sympathise with the threads especially the one about pregnant friends as it seemed every one of my friends were on their second babies before we even started ivf. (one positive from that though is that when we told them and we were very open about the whole ivf thing they have been an invaluable source of info and loads of baby hand me downs!!)<br>ANyway thinking of you all today and big hugs keep the faith<br>love <br>Nicky
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