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Mandy - 2ww

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Mandy - 2ww

Postby Sandra » Tue Aug 13, 2002 7:57 am

Hi<br><br>It looks like we are on the 2ww together now, I had 2 perfect embryos put back yesterday, My consultant had a bit of a shock as when I had my scan before the EC they could only see 4 good sized follicles so he thought I would have a low EC, but the little buggers where hiding and he found 10 eggs, and I also had 8 which fertilised, we are just waiting to see if the other 6 go on to blastocyst so they can be frozen. Have you had any frozen?<br><br>How are you getting on? it's only my first day today and already I am bored and it's only 8.30am, are you at home at the moment?<br><br>Are you drinking your water and milk? I think I am going to explode if I drink anymore. <br><br>This time I am taking 75mg of asprin a day, this aparently thins your blood and can help me hold onto them, so they say.<br><br>When are you doing your pg test? Mine is on the 26th if AF dosen't arrive on the 24th.<br><br>Well must go now, my milk is calling.<br><br>Keep in touch.<br><br>Sandra E<br><br>
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Mandy - 2ww

Postby Tee » Tue Aug 13, 2002 8:56 am

Hi Sandra, <br>Welldone on your perfest little embies. I hope you're feeling Ok, apart from being bored of course! Good luck with the rest of it!<br>One more little tip to add to the milk and water thing. My acupuncturist said it is really important for us ladies to keep our hands and feet warm. Something to do with the blood getting chilled if our extremities are cold. So make sure you're fingers are toasty, and keep your socks on!<br>Lots of love Tee xx<br>Mandy, hope you're OK too, and that things are going well for you too.<br>Lots of luck to you both!
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Mandy - 2ww

Postby Mandy » Tue Aug 13, 2002 12:04 pm

Hi Sandra,<br> Well done on your Egg count they sound great, we were very similar, 8 fertilized, 2 put back and 4 were ok to be frozen.<br><br>I am trying really had to rest but each day seems like a week, I managed to stay in bed most of the weekend following ET on Friday, surrounded by books, mags, TV/Video phone and lap top!!!!!!!!<br><br>I got up yesterday AM as I had my accupuncture apt and then did a small supermarket shop, Milk, water etc!!!! then went back to bed in the afternoon. <br><br>Today I got up and went round for a coffee to both my neighbours and have now come back to bed -arn't I a good girl? I just hope it is all worth it. My test date is Friday the 23rd.<br><br>Good Luck and keep sane!!!!!!!!<br><br>Love Mandy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>I too am taking the aspirin and trying my best with the water and milk, so I am never of the loo.
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Mandy - 2ww

Postby maggie » Tue Aug 13, 2002 3:41 pm

<br>Hi Mandy,<br><br>I see your 2ww is going ok. I was like you and decided to rest as much as possible during it too. I got right into watching the sopranos, it is one of those programs that gets you really engrossed and took my mind off my 2ww for an hour at a time (well my mind did wander every now and then but alot less than doing/watching other things).<br><br>Well, I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am still sending loads of positive vibes your way.<br><br>Sandra, I have posted you on your other thread.<br><br>Keep resting and take care.<br><br>Love maggie.xx
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