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Message for Nicolam

Postby daisy » Tue Nov 12, 2002 7:28 pm

Hi Nicola<br><br>Thanks for your message, I haven't logged on for a few days as I have been feeling a bit down. I'm not sleeping and my Dr has given me Tamazepam which is making me feel a bit grotty.<br><br>Why does the sperm test take so long?, are you NHS funded. I think our hospital charges £75 but you do get the results in a couple of days. My DH has a low sperm count which is why we have ICSI. I know it's weird but it's probably better we both have a "problem" because I know I would feel even more of a failure if it were just me.<br><br>I'm sorry it does't look like the frozen eggs will be a goer. When we had our last cycle. The hopital rang the day after the ET to say seven had fertilized, I was really hoping we would have some spare to freeze, but when we went back for the ET they only showed us the three they where going to put back and didn't mention the others, we asumed from the fact that the three they had chosen were not brill. that the others had not made it (I always get a bit upset when they start telling us what grade they are, and whether they have any fragmentation, I really think sometimes they give us too much info). From what you say, it looks like they are just another thing to worry over. <br><br>I hope you get the results soon, so that you can plan ahead. It must be horrible just waiting on someone to come back to you.<br><br>Take care<br>Love<br>Daisy<br>x
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