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Help Me!!

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Help Me!!

Postby DEBORAH » Wed Nov 13, 2002 7:50 am

Hi Girls<br><br>I have not posted alot lately after my 1st IVF treatment failed but I still log on to see how everybody else is getting on CAUSE ANYBODY ON THIS WEBSITE DESERVES TO GET PREGNANT - I find it hard to talk as it is still pulling at my heart strings 2 weeks on.<br><br>I AM ON A FACT FINDING MESSION before I have my next appointment at the hospital and would appreciate any help/advice ready for when I start my 2nd IVF.<br><br>I had no problems with my nasal spray and my menogon as I produced 9 eggs of which 8 fertilised and 2 were put back in which were a 4&5 cell.<br><br>I want to find out how successful injections/pesseries are as I had HCG injection but I did not fall pregnant.<br><br>1. How many of one had pesseries or HCG injection throughout 2ww.<br>2. If you used pesseries what strength were they and did you get a positive result.<br>3. If you had the HCG injection around your ec/et how many ampolus did you inject and did you get a positive result.<br><br>Sorry to drown on but I want questions answered by the hosiptal that I just never thought of before.<br>THANKS GIRLS<br>Love Debsx
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Help Me!!

Postby alison p » Wed Nov 13, 2002 8:15 am

Hi Deborah, <br><br>Clinics seem to differ on how much hCG is given, but I think it is usual to give 10,000 - 15,000 IU (Profasi - that's what I used each time). The ampoules come in 10,000 and 5,000, so you may have to make up 2 ampoules. I've not heard of hCG being given throughout the 2ww. The idea of the hCG is to induce ovulation, so it is only given once about 36 hours prior to ec. <br><br>As for the pessaries, that again seems to vary between clinics. My first cycle was at Barts in London and they asked me to take cyclogest twice a day. However, the Lister where I am now, just asked me to take cyclogest once a day. However, I have had 2 failed cycles so far, so I don't think that it makes much difference. <br><br>Hope this helps,<br><br>Alison
alison p
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Help Me!!

Postby Sarah30 » Wed Nov 13, 2002 9:37 am

Hello Deborah<br><br>I've just finished my 2WW and had a postive pg blood test on Monday WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Still bit excited as you can see.<br><br>On my first attempt, I had the HCG 36 hours prior to egg collection and then pessaries every day during the 2ww - did not fall pg because had polyps in the womb and hormone imbalance in ovaries. Had an op -all fix now.<br><br>Second attempt was FET. Had the embies put in and at the same time had 1 HCG injection (1 ampule), then on day 6 post FET I had another HCG injection to do at home (again, 1 ampule). I was told the injection was to kick start your body into producing the hormones for itself and support the embies during the lutal phase until you body recognises that there is an embie in there.<br><br>Hope this helps<br><br>Sarah
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Help Me!!

Postby Louise » Wed Nov 13, 2002 2:38 pm

Hiya Debs<br>I had cyclogest pessaries on 2ww 400mcg a day, 1 am, 1pm then after tested positive, had 4 left which they told me to have 1 a night for the 4 nights and then no drugs at all as body would be making enough drugs of it's own.<br>I was given 2 ampoules of hcg(just in case) and had to wait for them to tell me results of blood test to see how much to take, which turned out to be 1.<br>I had 18 follies, 13 eggs collected, 2 no good, 5/11 fertalised but on day of e/t, only 2 were good enough to transfer - thankfully there were 2. None frozen.<br>I am really keeping everything crossed for you Debs for your next go- its such am emotional rollercoaster anyway and then not to get the result you so desperately want must be devasting. <br>Talk soon, lots of love, Louise XXX
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