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Testing Saturday !!!

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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby tshepher » Thu Nov 14, 2002 11:35 am

Hi Girls,<br>can i ask for some +'ive vibes and prayers to be sent my way. I'm due to test tomorrow but DH and I have decided to put it off until Saturday so whatever the result he and I can spend the day together. <br><br>Only problem is I'm getting really conflicting info from my bod. Last two days I've felt SO sick until lunchtime but don't feel any other pg signs and have even been getting a little pink/browny spotting. Have also had a pre AF like headache for the past week. Am disappearing up my own backside trying to second-guess what's going on.<br><br>Thisn is my first attempt at IVF but I've had 2 MC before and am desperate for this to work.<br><br>Sorry to ramble on but just thought I'd ask for some cyber hugs :-)<br><br>Thanks Girls<br>Terri<br>xxxx
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby woppa » Thu Nov 14, 2002 12:27 pm

sending you lots of positive vibes and hugs from Glasgow!!<br>(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby Michelle » Thu Nov 14, 2002 12:29 pm

Hi Terri<br>I'm sending you loads and loads of positive vibes! <br>Feeling sick is really good I'm sure and I think a lot of the pg girlies got some spotting - something about body closing down. <br>I'm also on my first IVF attempt so can't speak from experience but I think it all sounds dead good.<br>Think you and dh are doing the right thing testing on Sat - don't blame you at all. Please post as soon as you know - have a good feeling for you!<br>Sending you the hugest cyber hug.<br>Michelle xxx
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby Sarah30 » Thu Nov 14, 2002 1:13 pm

Terriiiiiiiiiiii<br><br>I have everything crossed for you and will be thinking of you. I know how horrid it is trying to explain each and every twinge or ache or sign to yourself. Forget it, it could mean anything. If it' gonna be positive it's gonna be positive no matter how much you churn it over in your head. And the same for the other, but we won't mention that.<br><br>I hope you're ok and get a bit fat POSITIVE<br><br>Love and big hugs Sarah x
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby Louise » Thu Nov 14, 2002 1:19 pm

Hi Terri<br>I am sending you lots of positive vibes and cyber hugs. I think you have such discipline waiting until Saturday. <br>I know easy for me to say but try not to worry about all the little niggles. My hospital said I would get lots of little niggles and they are all normal.<br>Good luck Terri and please let us know.<br>Lots of love<br>Louise XXX
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby Alison » Thu Nov 14, 2002 2:14 pm

Hi Terri - I'm impressed at your restraint waiting an extra day! If AF's not turned up yet and you were meant to test tomorrow then that's a good sign. Wishing you loads and loads of love and luck<br><br>Alison x
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby beck » Thu Nov 14, 2002 2:26 pm

terri...................<br>GOODLUCK HUNNIE!!!!!<br>WE ARE ALL HOLDING YOUR HAND.<br>keep us informed wont you.<br>beck xx
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby Mags529 » Thu Nov 14, 2002 4:33 pm

Terri<br>Lots of hugs and have everything crossed for you!!!!!!!<br><br>Mags<br>XX
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby Annie » Thu Nov 14, 2002 5:28 pm

All the luck in the world to you both <br>bye bye Annie
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby Tracey D » Thu Nov 14, 2002 7:05 pm

Dear Terri,<br><br>Lots and lots of luck! Do lots of positive thinking.<br><br>Hope your dream comes true<br><br>Tracey D<br><br>
Tracey D
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Testing Saturday !!!

Postby pru » Thu Nov 14, 2002 8:20 pm

I am also sending you loading of positive vibes but you are also have to be positive for your self and think the best that could happen. I had some spotting of some brown stuff before I did my pg test and I had a tve result so don't worry about that. <br>Good luck for saturday
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