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Postby Aimee » Thu Nov 14, 2002 10:59 pm

Hi all,<br><br><br>got our test results back everything O.K thank god but tonight our best freind have just told us that they are pregnant we feel soooo! pissed off I'm trying to be excited for them but it just won't come this week is just the wrong week.<br><br>We had got our hopes up for treatment to start in jan but we were told on tues that it might be march so the limbo is held for another few months.<br><br>sorry to go on but it is just so nice to know that by talking to you all that we are still sane!!
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Postby Annie » Thu Nov 14, 2002 11:34 pm

I was on the 2ww and my friends had their first baby( the natural unassisted kind) and now its not worked for us! Its so hard to fake the excitement you should feel......... I know how you feel . I am still hopeful it will all work out in the end<br>bye bye Annie
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