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help please!!!

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help please!!!

Postby shell » Sun Nov 17, 2002 6:06 pm

hi, my name is shelley. This wont be ur avergage message in here i expect but if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it!<br>I have nothing to do with IVF etc myself. I am a 19 yr old university student in Cambridge, England but in about 10 hours i have to give a hsort presentation on the positive side of IVF treatment!! I know nothing!<br>If anyone could tell me some pros of the treatment within this time, i would really be very thankful.<br>I know that IVF brings hope to those that may not normally be able to concieve, but i need to elaborate a bit further!<br>Everything i seem to read tells me how there are no guarantees etc, it costs a lost of money, but it is clearly an option that many choose!!<br>if anyone has any statements, personal opinions or facts on IVF and why it is so important to u that you could share with me, i would really appreciate it. Thank you, Shell xx (and good luck to everyone) xx
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help please!!!

Postby Aimee » Sun Nov 17, 2002 6:43 pm

Hi Shell,<br><br>IVF is a important factor in all of our lives as it gives us a chance of having a baby without it we would be childless. The treatment and the hassles and the heartbreak that it can create when it fails is far outweighed by the happiness of that positive result and the birth of your own baby.<br><br>My own consultant told me that you have a one in four chance of the treatment working first time and the odds increase with continued treatment. as you might of read on this site some of us have been trying much longer than others I myself have not even started treatment yet but many others have had many cycles resulting in various success rates. Yet they still try!! because the dream of holding a baby is greater than the money involved.<br><br>Hopes this answers a few questions good luck <br><br>Aimee
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