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New Girl

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New Girl

Postby Chrissi » Mon Nov 18, 2002 12:20 pm

Hi Everyone<br><br>I’m new to all of this we’ve been trying now for 3 years and have been diagnosed with unexplained. We are going for IUI and I start my first buserelin injection this evening – I am dreading it. It’s really great to read your stories and to know that I am not going through this alone. Best of luck to everyone.<br>Chrissi
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New Girl

Postby suzannemorris » Mon Nov 18, 2002 4:32 pm

Hi Chrissi,<br><br>I'm new to this too, some uncanny parallels for us. We too are unexplained and have been trying for just over 3 years. I'm due to start IUI in the new year. As desperate as we are to get going on it, have decided instead to get away from it all over Christmas, so thought it better to hang on till the New Year to begin the treatment.<br><br>Good luck with your treatment, sure we'll speak soon.<br><br>Suzanne.
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