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clomid for men....

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clomid for men....

Postby fi » Sat Nov 09, 2002 8:11 pm

just in case anyone has any info...after 1 failed treatment cycle ICSI and 5yrs of investigations and me having been on the clomid, our urologist has put dh on clomid for 3 mths.<br>Anyone elses hubbie done this? he's starting to rattle with the amount of multivits he's taking, bless him.<br>we will be going for ICSI again Feb time if anyone feels like joining us....!!<br><br>love to all,<br>Fi
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clomid for men....

Postby nicolam » Tue Nov 19, 2002 2:13 pm

Hello Fi<br><br>I meant to respond to your email before as I'd be extremely interested to know more about this Clomid idea too. Did they give you any reason as to why they were doing this? Does your DH have any existing sperm problems at all? We may have a sperm functionality problem and my DH hasn't been told to do anything (getting him to cut out alcohol/coffee is an up-hill struggle...) <br><br>I've been on Clomid in the past, then Metformin (as I have polycystic ovaries) then IVF, then ICSIx2 and now back to square one - so dead keen to hear about some male treatment.<br><br>Just found out it will be January when DH will have FISH test done to check the chromasones in the sperm. If it's normal, then we'll have a go with the frozen embies we have, probably around Feb time too, so maybe 'see' you then.<br><br>All the best.<br>Nicola x<br><br>
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