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PGD - views/advice needed

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PGD - views/advice needed

Postby Alison » Sat Aug 17, 2002 1:30 pm

Hi there. Went to the clinic on Thursday following second IVF/ICSI failure to discuss what happens next, and they raised the possibility of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, to make sure that all he chromosomes are there. I was a bit surprised as we've only had 2 goes, the 2nd of which resulted in a chemical pregnancy, my basic problem is blocked tubes, we've not got any family history of genetic disorders, and I'm "only" 32 so in my more rational moments feel time should be on my side. Daft as it may seem when going through the IVF route, we're keen to do this as "naturally" as possible, so were not over-keen on the idea of them taking a cell away!<br><br>To be honest it felt a bit of a premature thing to be considering. They didn't put any pressure on, and were quite happy for us to go again as before. But as its been raised I wondered whether anyone else had either had the possibility brought up and rejected it, or gone down that route? Any advice or information gratefully received.<br><br>Many thanks<br><br>Alison<br><br>
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