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Please keep me positive...

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Please keep me positive...

Postby becky » Mon Nov 25, 2002 9:04 am

Hello girlies<br><br>I am due to test on Friday..so the 2ww is almost over now for me..only problem is I have not got any first symptoms all of the books say that you should have;<br><br>sore boobs/nipples - did have for 5 days after ec and now completely normal.<br><br>AF pains - had them since day 7 of 2ww..every now and then, stabbing pains, twinges, low pain and high pain..even shooting pains.<br><br>Bloated belly - not a low bloat like pre AF but a bloat like during stims.<br><br>I did go off tea altogether for first few days of 2ww..and now back to normal. was also really ratty and insane for the first few days of 2ww and now feel calm and normal.<br><br>No strange tastes in the mouth and no sense of smell<br><br><br>so add all the above and it seems that things are not looking good - but if you lucky ones can relate ...beck..Bibby..Louise..Sarah then please let me know...before a crack open a nice chilled bottle of vino and sit in the hottest bath ever!!<br><br>Love becky b<br><br>
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Please keep me positive...

Postby julie mins » Mon Nov 25, 2002 9:39 am

HI Becky<br><br>You are really lucky to have your test date brought forward at least it means you don't have another weekend of waiting. I have to wait until Monday 2nd for mine and not sure if I will last another weekend.<br><br>I have tried to stay really cool and focused this week and have tried to avoid logging on so that I don't get too paranoid or worked up or anything. That didn't work though - I had a major strop last night with dh, my hormones must have been raging. Feel like I have bad pmt, really stressed and wound up and ready to snap at anyone. Anyway ended up in lots of tears and I now feel slightly better.<br><br>Like you though I have been desperately looking for symptoms, my boobs are no longer sore, I have had no tummy pains for ages now and I feel perfectly normal, even my stomach has gone down. In many ways I feel really empty and haven't got much hope left. I nearly drank a bottle of wine last night that is sat waiting for me in the fridge but I managed to resist.<br><br>However a little voice keeps telling me that everything could be fine. I think we spend so much time wishing for symptoms that will not necessarily happen to us. Everybody reacts slightly differently and I must admit that when I was pregnant last time I had absolutely no symtoms for quite a few weeks.<br><br>So keep that bottle on hold, and stay positive we can get through this. I thought having af pains was a good sign that the embryo(s) are implanting that's why I was worried because I've not had any.<br><br>Best wishes<br><br>Julie
julie mins
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Please keep me positive...

Postby Tracey D » Mon Nov 25, 2002 11:12 am

Hi Becky,<br><br>DON'T GIVE UP YET!! I had the most horrendous period pains, sore boobs basically all the signs of period coming but hey presto and after being extrememly shocked I discovered I was pregnant. Mind you still convinced that period is on the way. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.<br><br>Love<br><br>Tracey D
Tracey D
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Please keep me positive...

Postby beck » Mon Nov 25, 2002 4:16 pm

hey becky...................listen i had the worst shooting pains ever and af cramps everyday since day 8(ish) of the 2ww and i truely thought i was a negative and i got a +.<br>i only got sore boobs when i was 6wks..........nothing on the 2ww its a bit early to get signs as you wouldnt even know yet if you was pregnant naturally.<br>keep thinking positive..........you have had no bleeding as yet.<br>lots of love <br>beck x
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Please keep me positive...

Postby Michelle » Mon Nov 25, 2002 6:13 pm

Hey Becky B<br>I totally sympathise with you. I am now on Day 5 of the 2ww and on one hand I'm wishing away the days until I test and on the other I'm quite enjoying the time thinking (praying) that I am actually pg. Please try to NOT drive yourself mad analysing everything (easy to say I know!) and I'm sure that Friday will be here before you know it. <br>Like you I have had no side effects except from an extremely boated belly...I can hardly do my trousers up and when I sit down I have to undo them -I feel like a huge fat pig right now....do you think it is the drugs still in my system? <br>I'm thinking positive thoughts for us both. <br>Love, Michelle x
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Please keep me positive...

Postby bibby » Mon Nov 25, 2002 6:48 pm

Hiya mate!<br><br>Ditto to all the above and to add my own - I thought exactly the same as you during my 2WW, I felt too normal. When anyone asked me how I felt, I just said "normal, OK". I didn't have any early signs, had a bit of bloating but not like my usual AF bloating.<br><br>About a day before test day I didn't fancy my usual morning toast but apart from that, I didn't have any symptoms (I'm still off bread and toast now though).<br><br>It's a worrying time I know hun, but it really is too early for any of the symptoms you are describing I think. I know it's tough, but hang in there. You've only got 4 days to go!!! I'm hoping and praying for you and thinking of you every day.<br><br>lots of love<br>Bibby
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Please keep me positive...

Postby heather » Mon Nov 25, 2002 8:54 pm

hiya becky hun,<br> I know what youre feeling like mate, and i can really empathise with you. As you know, we both test on friday, and it cant come soon enough for me!!!<br>Asked by dh several times 'How are you feeling?' the only answer is, im feeling nothing. completely normal. a few little pains around tummy area, but i usually get them before af is due anyways. On perhaps day 4 or 5 of 2ww i had a bit of nausea, but that only lasted a couple of days. And i've had sore nipples since i had IUI done, so im not trying to analyse anything into anything. Really hard to deal with, constantly running to the loo to do knicker check, and breathing a huge sigh of relief when it's ok, then 15 mins later running back to loo for knicker check again!!!!! I'm doing me head in!!!!!<br>I know it's easy to say, becky, but truely, it aint over till the fat lady sings, and i sure as hell havent started singing yet. Just try to stay calm and positive, easier said than done, i know, but friday is only a few more days away, then we'll both know one way or another. I cant wait for friday to come, but i am so, so dreading it too. keep your chin up hun.<br>Thinking of ya, <br>Loadsa love,<br>Heather xxx
Got pregnant with IUI triplets in March 04. One triplet stopped growing at 9 weeks. Gave birth to twin boys in Sep 04, Ciaran sadly lost his fight. Brennan's thriving.Looking to give Brennan a sibling soon.
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Please keep me positive...

Postby amanda » Fri Nov 29, 2002 10:18 am

Hello November Cycle Buddies, I was wondering if I could join the nov gang even though it is late in the day. I stumbled across the website a few days ago whilst trying to keep sane. Like Julie my test date is Monday 2nd December and it has been a long 2 weeks. This is our 4th attempt and my nerves are raw. Have read everyone symptons desperately trying to find similaries. No sign of AF, but then taking the fantastic pessaries!!, no sore boobs this time round and only one episode of stabbing tummy pains, oh but feel completely empty like my darling embryos have left me. <br><br>Good luck Becky today, I know you test today. I am thinking of you.<br><br>Amanda
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