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To Wicked Lady

Postby Savannah » Sat Nov 30, 2002 11:10 am

Hi Nicola,<br><br>I was wondering what you and you dh had decided to do on Monday? Are you seeing the consultant? Please keep us informed on what is going on? What he has to say on Monday?<br><br>Good Luck<br>Savannah
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To Wicked Lady

Postby Wicked Lady » Sat Nov 30, 2002 3:58 pm

Hello Savannah<br><br>Thanks for your message. We have decided not to see the consultant on monday as it is not straight forward. Firstly it is a Four hour round trip and secondly it costs nearly £30.00's. He could tell us over the phone whether the person who operated made a mistake in telling me that my tube was in spasm or whether the consultant was wrong in writing in my notes that my tube is blocked. The problem is if he doesn't change the notes quite a few clinics, I have discovered by ringing round, will not give us DI as I am classed as only having one open tube and some clinics policies are that you must have two working tubes.<br><br>My partner called the head of the hospital who said that the consultant would call us on friday. We waited in all day as my partner has had this week off, but needless to say the consultant did not call. So we are not happy and are considering making a formal complaint. It is very hard for my DH to get time off of work and sofar it has been ok as his boss is understanding. But he left on friday and the new boss might not be so helpful. So we are waiting to see what happens on monday. If we do not get a phone call then my DH will call again. There are other things we're not happy with at the hospital, for instance the first time we met the consultant he joked that if he messed us around long enough then we might go to another hospital, he also told me my tubes were blocked in april and yet I had never had a dye test or laparascopy he just had a 'feeling' he then refused to do the op, eventually he gave in after two weeks of my persistent calling and it was done in september so I had to wait all that time not knowing if I was ok or not.Then the hospital sent me the wrong letter and I went to an appointment thinking I was having a blood test a week before the Lap, but ended up having the op there and then. I was on my period at the time and this could be why my left tube was in spasm.<br><br>No matter what your problem is at that hospital everyone is referred for IVF. He even tried to stop a woman from having DI even though she had had two stillborn babies because her husband had a genetic disease. After alot of fuss they gave in and she got pregnant first time. I met her while I was having my op by sheer fluke. I had gone to buy a TV card and the only ward that had a machine that worked was on maternity. So if they won't help us all this will come out in a report and lets face it there hasn't been alot of good press about IVF clinics lately has there? All we want is to be treated with respect and more importantly to get the truth whats so wrong with that.<br><br>Thanks for listening and for replying in the past. Don't be afraid to cry infront of your DH he won't leave you he'll be supportive I am sure. Don't make it a taboo subject or it will eat away at you both.<br><br>take care LOL Nicola xxxx
Wicked Lady
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To Wicked Lady

Postby andreaj » Sat Nov 30, 2002 5:41 pm

Nicola,<br><br>You must be so bloody frustated at the incompetance you've had to deal with so far, you must feel like you're "p***ing into the wind" for all the help you're getting from your hospital. It's making my blood boil on your behalf, just reading about the way you've been trated. You should most definitely demand an apology from your doctor - not that it'll change the things that have happened , but the doctor really should take responsibility for his actions.<br>I really hope that you are able to find a doctor you can trust, and get a 'proper' diagnosis about your problems soon. keep us appraised of what happens.<br><br>Andrea<br><><<br><br>
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