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Postby fi » Fri Aug 16, 2002 9:26 am

Hi guys,<br><br>have seen you both are on the 'off' ready for day 21!! woo hoo!<br>I won't be joining you, no AF and it won't work out this time so we have resigned to going next AF cycle, prob go over end Oct (depending when AF arrives.....day 41 today so far!???!)<br>feel a bit depressed since was pretty psyched about going again, but DH has been fab (hasn't helped that just found out another of my friends preggers!!, you know how it goes happy for them but go a peculiar green colour!)<br><br>anyhow, I will be moitoring your progress and have everything crossed for you both.<br><br>Love Fi<br>XX
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Postby Jules » Sun Aug 18, 2002 6:29 pm

Hi Fi<br><br>Thanks for your message. Really sorry to hear about you delay, and hope AF appears soon. This business is all so wretched at times, and AF dependence just makes it even worse :( I know how you must have been psyched up for another go, and to hear about another preggers friend must just be the icing on the cake right now :// You can't help feeling bitter, then hate yourself for feeling that way – all I can say is at least everyone on this site understands which I hope is at least some small comfort.<br><br>Stay in touch and goodluck with AF<br><br>Jules x
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Postby fiona_lk » Tue Aug 20, 2002 3:24 pm

Hi Fi,<br><br>Sorry not replied for a while - had chance to scan messages, but not to reply (log in from work, and its not always 'private' enough).<br><br>It is soooo frustrating isn't it when something else gets in the way and stops you from going ahead with another cycle. I quite like the part of the treatment upto ec because I think you can be the most positive of anytime - before is frustrating because you feel you're not doing anything, after ec its all touch and go and hurdles and stuff, and then the 2ww is traumatic enough just in itself and you feel you can't get your hopes up too much because failure could be just around the corner. <br><br>And as for women who get pg especially without trying - this is not nice to hear whatever stage in the treatment you are. I don't think I can say much other than the wise advice Tee and Lucy gave me when I was really down (see last two postings of 'In need of TLC' thread). So, as Jules says, we do all understand.<br><br>Anyway, will keep in touch with my progress and then will eagerly follow you when its your time to resemble a pin cushion (or is it a cocaine addict for you?)<br><br>Jules - I think you'll be about half a week ahead of me, now guessing my ec will be first week in October going off times from last cycle.<br><br>Take Care both of you and keep in touch<br><br><br><br>Fiona xx
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