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egg share

Postby cath » Mon Dec 02, 2002 6:14 pm

hi just wondered if anyone has looked into egg share for reduced cost ivf?<br> if i stay at the same clinic for next ivf [i've got 6 frozen embies there]i'll have to pay 3 grand & it might not work and that's our money gone as they don't do egg share, but i've now found a private clinic in south wales not far from my area that does do it but as i've got endo it's unlikely i'll be accepted.<br> on a positive note if i am accepted the cost is only £450 so then i can afford more goes has anyone got any info on this?
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egg share

Postby anna13 » Mon Dec 02, 2002 7:17 pm

Dear Cath,<br>I was wondering why your clinic should take 3 grand if you already have 6 frosties for FET?Or are you going to undergo a whole new cycle of IVF again there?What's your story??<br>For me,I've undergone 3 IVFs and awaiting the 4th one and I'm 37 years old now.<br>My dh and I are thinking of being on the waiting list for egg-sharing and our clinic has said that there is a waiting period of 18-24 months........;all private clinics are desparately in need of egg donors.If you want to egg-share, they will gladly give you all details.<br>As we are on the other side of the coin,we are looking at spending 5 grand for egg sharing as we will be the recipients. <br>Usually they want you to be below 35 years and screened for the usual stuff.......<br>I'm sure someone here will give you all you need to know.<br>Bye for now.
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