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Negative - No AF - What Now?

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Negative - No AF - What Now?

Postby Barbs » Thu Aug 22, 2002 6:08 am

Had a terrible night last night. No sleep. Ended up having to wee at about 1.45 so thought I would test then. NEGATIVE.<br>Now I don't know what to do?<br>Should I have waited to the morning? Why no AF or period pains?<br>I am totally confused - is there still a glimmer of hope and that I need to test later on - in a couple of days.<br>I'm going out of my head and would welcome any advice.<br>Suppose I will have to phone the clinic and see what they say.<br>Will let you know what they say.<br><br>Love Barbs xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Negative - No AF - What Now?

Postby fi » Thu Aug 22, 2002 8:48 am

Scream if you want to....<br><br>Hi Barbs,<br><br>sorry to read your posting. was the test one of their medical ones? They do say morning tests hold the most HcG but whether that early in the morning counts I don't know. it's a nightmare isn't it. I found the worst thing was the clinic gave so much advice through the whome thing, and then there's the 2WW and suddenly 'if' you are negative thats it. They told me to just stop taking the pessaries and I would have a bleed, and sure enough I did (after about 6 different tests...) It was very distressing. have you called your clinic? They may offer some other advice. I am hoping and have everything crossed for you, but I think if it is the case then the clinic has the best and most brutal approach of stating to stop the pessaries and kind of 'get on with it' I hope this doesn't sound harsh, its not meant to be but with all the rollercoasters and twinges, and hormones etc at the end of the day you just want to know for sure whether that is it.<br><br>hang in there, we're all here if you need us.<br>lol<br>Fi<br>
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