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Postby Natalie » Wed Aug 28, 2002 9:35 am

Dear Julie, I hope everything is alright with you, I thought I'd leave you a message for you before I go on my holidays which I am very looking forward to.<br><br>I know you are on day 13 today and I was thinking of you as you mentioned you may take a pg test early, I'm keeping all my fingers crossed for you and your hubby.<br><br>I'm not feeling optimistic at all I have quite bad period like pains that come and go and my boobs aren't as sore as they have been and I'm totally gearing myself up for a negative, hubby and I have already talked about how lucky we've been to get this far as some eggs don't even fertilise and that at least we have 4 frozen we could use.<br><br>Well I'll sign out for now, all my best wishes to you Julie and hope to hear from you before I go this afternoon.<br><br>Lots of Love Natalie xxx
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