First time IVF failure/poor response/drugs

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First time IVF failure/poor response/drugs

Post by Allison » Wed Jan 08, 2003 11:38 pm

Hi, I am new to the site and have some questions.<br><br>I had my first IVF cycle before Christmas. I had a poor response to the drugs but ended up with 3 follicles and 3 eggs. All fertilised and the best two were put back 22/12. Everything seemed ok following ET but test last Saturday showed the treatment had failed. I was completely devastated over the weekend and unable to comtemplate getting back on the roller coaster again. Now I am a bit more positive and think I will have another go!<br><br>Can I ask if anyone else has had poor response to the drugs? I have variable FSH levels (highest 17 lowest 2!) so was told to expect early menopause and low egg yield. I have no signs of imminent menopause so far and had 7 follicles last Summer when on Clomid so didnt really believe them! High FSH reading was on cycle after 7 follicles. Unfortunately my IVF results seem to show that they were right. I thought that my drugs (was on 300iu Puregon per day) would be increased following the monitoring scans but the clinic refused to do anything. Is that normal? What drug dosage have any of you had if you have high FSH?<br><br>Last question (I promise) is re drug purchase. I was "forced" to buy my drugs through the clinic at a cost of £1800. I now find that local chemists can supply same drugs for much less. Are we always obliged to buy via clinics and does anyone know the best place to buy?

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First time IVF failure/poor response/drugs

Post by Bex » Thu Jan 09, 2003 9:34 am

Hi,<br>I was given this number by my hospital - ORGANON 0870 7492020.<br>I also rang around some local chemists but they came up the cheapest for me at just under £700 for what i needed.<br>I've got the individual prices at home if you want to me e-mail you.<br>They deliver it straight to your door and are really friendly too ! !<br>Becky

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First time IVF failure/poor response/drugs

Post by Helen G » Thu Jan 09, 2003 10:04 am

I was told to contact Organon as well. As Becky says - the service is really friendly and efficient. Although I don't know what other places charge for the drugs - I was charged about the same as Becky through Organon.<br><br>Helen x

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