April/May Buddies??

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Post by CarolynB » Mon May 08, 2006 2:39 pm

Dear Natalie

I am pretending to be working - writing a paper for our Audit Committee - yawn, yawn.

Just hopped across to the boards to see if much news on all the ladies testing today. Then saw the April/May thread pop to the top and thought that I would check out how your EC had gone.

What a saga. You would think that they could get the meds right so you did not have to live through the pain. Then cannot believe after the number of eggs last time that you had such a change - that is so weird. Says to me - not only are we all way different, we can also be very different between our own cycles.

But on a brighter note. You have 2 eggs. I am sure therefore that they will be good quality. Let's hope that all goes well and that you have one or even two that can go back home on Wednesday for you. Back where they belong. As many of the ladies say - it only takes one good one.

Fingers & toes crossed.
Carolyn xxxx

Will post for everyone else later on - but for now back to my dull paper that is not taking my mind of this tmt lark at all!!!!!!!
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Post by Ellie » Mon May 08, 2006 3:44 pm

I hope I can join you I am half way through my 2ww and test on 15th May.
I have tried to keep away but I just cant!!!
Feel absolutely fine with no symptoms now , all the swelling and tenderness fron stimmimg has gone.
Will try to catch up with you all but this looks like a huge thread!!!

Babydust to you all.


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Post by CarolynB » Mon May 08, 2006 3:53 pm

Heather - I so need a Roomba. As doing it like Image is SO DULL

Lucy - hope that you are resting, enjoying your boyfriends great taste in chick-flicks and not lifting a finger. Image

Cyot - awaiting news from you of ET but hope that you are also resting & being well looked after

LauraLou - I promise that it does get easier with the injector pen - after a couple of days, you'll be doing it like an old pro Image

Emma - good luck on starting out - so hope that this will be your time

Wendy - hope that you are feeling better today. I found that as soon as I stopped the jabs that all the yucky feelings dropped away pretty quickly (headaches/sweats etc) so hopefully you only have a little while longer to hang on in there

Vess - what news from the daily scan report - really hope that follies are accelerating away - running out of folly fairies to send you. Image

Em - you & I are going to have the -ves that turn into miracle +ves. Let's hope at least we have put all the other ladies off the use of evil pee sticks. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Tash - they do recommend testing in the morning as apparently then you have the most hcg in your urine so less likely to get a false -ve. May be worth bearing in mind although doing it when dh is not around could be hard. I gave up coffee & alcholol but simply could not give up chocolate. I could not figger out what harm it would do me & was not able to give it up - have not eat too much!!!

Ellie - great to hear from you - come and join some of us over on May test thread as well - then we can cheer you on as you get nearer the big day

Love to everyone else. My saga continues. My head hurts, my back hurts, can't sleep, burst into tears at train station on getting out of car after lift from dh, I am spotting again all day, feel like I have a fever but apart from that I am just terrific!!!!!!!!!!!! Have very busy diary at work tomorrow so that I'll have no time to even think. Then go for bloods on Wednesday am as clinic told me that if I don't show then don't get my follow up review appointment. 95% sure that I am BFN but guess that I'll cling to other 5% at least until get the call on Wednesday.

Baby dust to you all. Image

Carolyn xxxxx
Me 42, DH 52 IVF #1, #2, #3 ICSI #4 - 10.05.2006, 12.12.2006, 10.03.2007, 27.07.2007 ICSI/DE/TESA #5, #6 PGD/IVIG #7 - 24.11.2007, 27.02.2008, 23.05.2008 - 7 BFNs
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Post by tlkmoser » Mon May 08, 2006 4:13 pm

Hello all...

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me thoughts and prayers after my BFN. You're too numerous to name but I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Carolyn and Em: I'm still holding out extra PMA's for you both. I actually had a neg HPT but a BFP on blood 2 days later during one of my IUI's. Didn't last unfortunately but that's me.

Natalie: What a crazy swing from last time. I'm sure both eggs will fertilize just beautifully.

To everyone else 2ww-ing and stimming lots of baby dust.

To whoever had the Roomba: I can't find the post right now. Does that thing really work? I see it all the time but I'm always wondering where all the dirt goes??? With 2 dogs and 3 cats I need something. I hate to vacuum.

My update: As you may remember, got BFN one week ago today. It was a rough week. Ended up taking Wednesday off of work to just stay in bed and wallow in self pity all day. Not sure if it helped or not. Spent much of the time saying things like, "I'm going to die all alone". (DH is 14 years older and I'm an only child). DH was great. Rubbed my back and cried with me some.

Starting to feel a little better. AF finally stopped yesterday so that's behind me for now. Have started discussing next step with DH. Our clinic offers IVF 4 times a year. April, July, Oct and Jan. We're going to skip the July cycle because we are trying to get our own business off the ground and it would be just too hectic. Also, since DH's count has been middlin' about 14 million on IVF, thought we might try a couple more IUI's in the interm. They're just so much easier for me.

That's about it for me. Trying to move on one day at a time.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!!

Me 35 DH 50
TTC 4.5 years
MFI(successful VasRev still low count)
3 failed IUI's
first IVF(ICSI) April/May 06 - BFN

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Post by vessi » Mon May 08, 2006 4:17 pm

CarlynB- 2 more days. I am 95% sure you will get BFP! the back pain is a good lign so is every other pain. it's always related to PG.

My report:
Right ovary: 15,18,19,19,20
Left: 14,14,11

i am trigering tonight at 9:30pm (EST, New York time).
ER is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:30am, I should get there 1h earlier for prep.
Tomorrow I get another b/w to see if the HCG is working. Man, I am so tired. i go to the clinic evevry day (I hate to pay every time but that's a different story) and get up at 5am.
I hope to get a good sleep after ER. I am taking 10 dyas. So, last working day is tomorrow.
I am so excitied. it looks like we might have 5 eggs. I hope DH "produces" good swimmers and all eggies fertilize.


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Post by lyceemangin » Mon May 08, 2006 5:52 pm

Hi everyone!

Just a quickie. It is a lovely evening here and we're going out to a local pub by the river for dinner. Hurrah my jeans fit again!
I'm thinking of you all and especially wanted to send good vibes to Natalie for 100% egg fertilisation. everything crossed for you,
Hi to Ellie too and welcome!- we'll be testing on the same day- only a week to go!

Take Care everyone


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Post by missprissy » Mon May 08, 2006 7:40 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to all of our new ladies. Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I have been dealing with issues. One is this darn OHSS. I was feeling like I couldn't FULLY enjoy being pregnant because I was in so much pain! But then they drained off the fluid and my abdomen slowly started to decrease in size and now I'm 85% better. My betas are very good though. At 10dpt it was 251 and 13dpt 824!! :D My first scan will be May 25. My other issue is feeling guilty when some people are getting BFN. I know I shouldn't feel guilty but I do. So, I've just been lurking around checking on everyone but not posting. :cry: I'm also nervous about the first scan. The whole empty sac thing scares me. In my heart I feel like everything will be okay and go well but don't we all?? This site was kind of depressing me, but I know it's best to remain supportive. Carolyn I pray everything goes well with you and your get a BFP. To all the other ladies I send lots of positive thoughts and baby dust!

I'm 29, DH 26
Married for 4 years
FIRST IVF/ICSI April 06= BFP with twins!!

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Post by beth » Mon May 08, 2006 9:20 pm

Hi Everyone!
It has been a while since I have posted....(somehow I even got dropped off of our list...) That's ok.

I have been trying to stay off the internet, I think I have read so much information I have been scaring myself.
My transfer went well and my test date is May 14th. I am nervous/excited/scared/did I mention nervous??

I don't feel any differently than I have felt the past two weeks...(is that even grammatically correct? sorry) I am just trying to relax and not get stressed out.

Welcome to all the new ladies, I have to go back and read to get caught up on everyone's news...

Stay positive Everyone!


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Post by WendyW » Mon May 08, 2006 9:41 pm

Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to post an update following my scan today, wasn't brilliant news. I've got around 10 follies in total (I thin) but only 3, possibly 4 are at 12.5mm, about 2 at 10mm and the rest are smaller.

Was really disappointed and said to the nurse 'that's not a great response is it?' She agreed it's not brilliant but it's ok and reminded me that we only need one fertilised egg :)

So, I'm on the stimms for another 2 days and back for a scan on Wednesday morning. I did ask about increasing my dose of Menopur but the nurse said that would only make the follies I had grow bigger rather than encouraging new follies to grow. But I thought the follies I have do need to grow bigger?!!! Oh well, it's my first time at this and no doubt I'll just have to trust them as they know what they are doing :wink:

Told my DH about the follie fairy and that we need her to work her magic over the next few days. As soon as we got home he disappeared upstairs and next thing he came down with a picture of a fairy blowing bubbles that he had printed off the internet along with a little poem he had written "I am the follicle fairy, in these bubbles that I blow is lots of magic to help them grow." Well I just burst out crying, how sweet is my DH?

I'm still feeling ropey with this vomitting and diarrhoea bug, had the doctor out yesterday who has prescribed me some anti diarrhoea pills. Still threw up this morning before going to the hospital and then nearly fainted on my way into the scanning room! Slept for most of the day and not able to keep any food down, have also lost almost half a stone since Friday - I'm not boasting but I don't really have half a stone to loose as I'm only slight at the best of times. Wondering whether this bug is having an effect on my ability to grow follies as I haven't had any of the twinges in my ovaries that I had before I started with it. Oh well, I suppose we'll see on Wednesday.

Natalie - Please remember that you only need one fertilised egg. That's what I keep telling myself and what the nurse reminded me today. I'm sure that both your eggs will fertilise beautifully and am sending you LOTS of positive vibes. Let us know how you get on tomorrow. Oh, I think I read somewhere that you are being treated at LWH. If so were you the lady sat with your DH by reception in the waiting room about 8.30 this morning who looked really poorly? If so, I felt really sorry for you, you looked so ill, exactly how I felt! If I got this wrong sorry.

Carolyn - Just wanted to add my thanks for all your support over the last month, you really have been an inspiration to me and I've got everything crossed for the BFP you so thoroughly deserve on Wednesday!

Sofia - Did you start stimms today?

Hope everyone else is doing well and staying positive.

Wendy x
Me 33 DH 33
May 06 - 1st attempt at IVF/ICSI = BFP!!! One precious baby on board
July 06 - mmc at 12 week scan - gutted!
May 07 - 2nd attempt at IVF/ICSI = BFN
Oct 07 - 3rd (and probably final) attempt at IVF/ICSI = fingers crossed!!!

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Post by Sofia » Tue May 09, 2006 8:29 am

Hi everyone.

I have been down at our house on the coast again - no internet access, so have enjoyed catching up with everyone's news. It's all systems go now for this group!

tlkmoser - have you looked into getting immune issues checked out? I was reading the other day some American websites and it all seems very complicated and connected to Dr Beer, but sounds like there is something in it for people who have repeat negatives. Like Dr Beer says, women's bodies are designed to have babies, so if they aren't having them, then something is wrong, and we have to find out what and fix it, instead of thinking 'oh well, it just isn't meant to be'.

prissy - I know what you mean about feeling guilty, and I'm not even one of the ones who is pregnant (yet)! It's strange how we can care about the fate of people we have never met, never will, and who live on the other side of the world.

beth - sorry you got dropped off the list - it certainly wasn't intentional. It's just quite a busy thread. I am like you too re: internet surfing - there is such a thing as too much information. I don't really want to know that the hormones I am injecting myself with are the purified urine of pregnant or post-menopausal women! (What, is there a factory somewhere with poor pregnant women lining up every morning holding filled bottles??? How does that work?) Good luck cooking those embies!

wendy - thanks for asking about me, sorry you have been so ill. As if IVF wasn't stressful and uncomfortable enough. Drinking is the best thing you can do - you can buy special sachets of 'rehydration solution' at the chemists' which consists of salt and sugar to mix with water, it restores your electrolyte balance, and will help you stop vomiting. I have used them many occassions travelling in the Far East and they have stayed down when even plain water wouldn't. But your DH sounds lovely, you are lucky.

carolyn - really hoping tomorrow will bring you good news. Like you said, plan B exists, so there'll be lots happening in the near future no matter what the test result is tomorrow.

As for me, I FINALLY began stimmies yesterday - after 30 days (yes, 30) down regging. Because I had been waiting so long, I have gotten myself in a bit of a state of anxiety about it all - too much time to worry and imagine worst-case-scenarios. A few years ago I suffered from panic attacks and insomnia, and relied on a large scotch at night to get to sleep - I am quite worried now that if my anxiety levels increase, I'll have trouble sleeping again, but I won't be able to drink alcohol to get to sleep. I need to know that it won't be the end of the world if I have a drink at night....... I read somewhere that tests have shown caffiene to be more harmful to conception than alcohol..... I don't want to have to cancel my cycle just out of panic, especially when there are so many women on this board who have suffered much more than me, and who seem to be so brave with loads of PMA. I almost wish that I was at the end of my cycle with a BFN, so I could climb out of my state of panic, which sounds awful, as I want a BFP as much as anyone else here.

Any advice on how to calm nerves would be gratefully received.

me 33, DH 32
mfi (low sc)
First IVF/ICSI May 2006
BFP with one little beanie!!!!

Natalie Anne
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Post by Natalie Anne » Tue May 09, 2006 9:37 am

Hi everyone

well it's good news. One egg has fertilised! like they say, you only need one. the other hasn't yet but the embryologist hasn't given up hope yet.

we have to go in for transfer at 11am tomorrow. we are so relieved that we have one little embie.

Wendy - that wasn't me - i arrived at 7.45am and by 8.30 am yesterday i was yelling down the treatment room as my anasthetic hadn't worked!

everyone worrying about their follies - remember i only had 2 eggs collected yesterday but one has fertilised and we can go ahead.

hope everyone is doing ok today. i am still sore but less anxious now.


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Post by CYOT » Tue May 09, 2006 12:27 pm




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Post by CarolynB » Tue May 09, 2006 12:52 pm

Natalie - the one that you have got must be a real fighter. Good luck for transfer tomorrow. It will be easy after the EC that you had. Cannot understand why they cannot get the dose right & just knock you right out

Prissy - think that I can understand what you are saying too. I have been feeling like it is going to be a BFN for me and when I look through the boards and see what other people have had to deal with then I think well that it is only fair for some of us to have to go a few times before we get to our dream. Don't feel bad - you give us hope that we can get BFP when it is right for us. Understand the worry about the wait but you have cleared a very big hurdle and the risks are much much lower % now that something does not go right for you so try to focus on the +ve. Glad that OHSS is now calming down - you must have had pretty bad. YOU ARE PREGNANT :lol: :lol:

Tash - part of me is thinking BFN - then I might be able to get back into my jeans in a couple of weeks. Figure I have put on like 7lbs from the meds. And then other half of me is hoping that I will not be going anywhere near them for 9 months +. Hope that you were able to relax a little whilst you were out - only a week to go now as you say

Vess - folly fairy has done her business for you. Good luck for EC tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it all goes well and that they may even find some more around the back - will be thinking of you

tlkmoser - glad that you have found the strength to carry on posting and also to make plans for your next steps. Glad the witch has now left - must at least help to get that behind you. Think that it is Heather who has the Roomba - sounds absolutely great!

Beth - sorry about the list if it was my fault - hard keeping up with everyone as it is a v busy thread. Now that you have a test date, you should come over and join us on the May test thread as well! It is good if you are able to stay relaxed - more that can be said for me - especially over the last few days

Sofia - sorry to hear that you down regged for so long and are sufffering feelings of panic. Ideas - what about councelling? Do your clinic have support? or else what about acupuncture or massage - acupuncture is also meant to help blood flow to the womb I have read. I am sure that if a small glass of wine helps you and reduced your stress then the good that it does you will probably out weight the harm. It goes much faster when you are on stimmies so less time to think/dwell about it all. You will be able to do it

Wendy - dh is such a sweetie. If i told dh about the folly fairy i think that he would be sure that i had taken leave of my senses. They like to get the follies to around 18mm if they can. They count ones that are 16mm. Guess that with the trigger shot they figure that those will grow over next 36 hours. Can be better to have fewer good quality than loads which just leads to OHSS. There are often more follies around the back also that they just cannot see on the u/s but may be there on the day. It really is only when you get to EC that you know how many follies and then how many eggs. Drink loads of water and put a hot water bottle on your tummy as that is meant to make them grow

Lucy - hope that you are resting well. Boyfriend sounds like he has better taste in chick flicks that some of our partners :oops:

Cyot - just seen you post. It will be the hormones that you are no longer taking and the new ones kicking in. I had quite a bit of spotting post-transfer. It is very normal. Will just look like brown blood. If it is a lot of very red then you should call your clinic just to check. Rest now and let your body prepare and direct all the attention to you & your little ones. Good luck for the next 2weeks. Let us know your test date when you feel up to it and then come over to the May testers with us as well - you've cleared another big hurdle - be pleased with yourself for getting this far

Well - Oh My God - Testing tomorrow. Thanks for all the support - means the world to me. Can't believe that this time tomorrow at least I will know. Bloating & tenderness has departed me. I have been spotting now since Sunday so not holding out much hope but know that I am going to feel punched in the face when they call to tell me that it has not work. Have to be in work tomorrow so will get bloods done at 7am and then just await the call (between 12 - 2pm). dh and I talked about next steps last night. We'll try again after the 3 month wait - undecided yet whether we'll go for another fresh cycle (my view) or use the frosties that we have (dh view as think that it will be less harsh on me in terms of all the drugs). He is already on the case trying to arrange a week away on holiday together in June. He also went and bought Robbie Williams tickets for me & my sister yesterday for Sept. I am so lucky to have him. Then last night, he came off the internet and said you better talk to 'the ladies' as they know what to say when I don't - oh bless!!!!

Best baby dust I could find to everyone. Image Will of course come here or my test thread with news. You'll be second to know after dh.

Carolyn xxxxxx
Me 42, DH 52 IVF #1, #2, #3 ICSI #4 - 10.05.2006, 12.12.2006, 10.03.2007, 27.07.2007 ICSI/DE/TESA #5, #6 PGD/IVIG #7 - 24.11.2007, 27.02.2008, 23.05.2008 - 7 BFNs
Surrogacy/FET #8 - 15.10.2008 - BFP

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Post by lyceemangin » Tue May 09, 2006 4:37 pm


Your DH sounds so lovely but then so do you so I think you are both very lucky to have each other. I am so so hopeful for you tomorrow that it will be good news. You deserve it so much!

Everything crossed

Tash x

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Post by Ellie » Wed May 10, 2006 10:25 am

Hi everyone
Just popping in to say hello again, still going mad on the 2ww, no symptoms to speak of either so think that could be a bad sign.
Is anyone else testing around the 15th? if so how are you doing.

Sorry I can't do any personals I am still trying to get to know you all!!

Babydust to you all


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