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Post by NickiMark » Thu May 04, 2006 5:30 pm

Ive been with my dh 12 yrs too!!!

An Ive seen Little Britain!!!Funny aint it? I laffed all nite!!!! :lol:

What does Aspirate mean??

TTC 6yrs......Have jumped off the rollercoaster for now, too many BFN's and too much heartache, to keep going....Moving on to fulfil other dreams!!!


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Post by caz22 » Thu May 04, 2006 6:31 pm

hi all
sorry for not having been on - needed some distance for a while - having a bit of time of it.....massive spate of girlfriends telling me that they are PG hasn't helped - I MEAN ALL of them!!!!!!!!

Anyway - Bobs wanted to say that I totlaly think you have made the right call re ICSI with donor back up. Thats what we did and it tales alot of pressure of you and DH. Just remember it only takes on sperm to make a baby - it did for us!

Feeling utterly desperate myself. Went to see consultant - pretty bleak. He thinks we should just use a donor and suggested by DH's brother....given we haven't even told them we have any problems thats a bit tricky (what do you all think about using a brother??)
Anyway, consultant said he'll have another go at TESE but if it fails again then thats it for us. DH want consider Donor (,aybe he will when all other channels closed?). We have 6 embies from our last tmt with a donor and I'd find it so hard not to try and use them - but DH very worried about how he's feel about the child and how it might be unfair if he prefered his biological child to any created froma donor - soooo complicated
I just know I'm desperate

Anyway sory for the rant - good luck to you all

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Post by bobs » Fri May 05, 2006 5:15 pm

Hi Caz
I totally understand how u must be feeling,especially your dh.
My dh went through the tese op twice. The first attempt we only managed to get 1 embryo fertilised with his sperm.We had 3 ferrtilised with a donor backup but, on day of et chose to use the 1 from dh's sperm. This ended with a bfn unfortunatly,although we don't regret using that 1. We didnt have any more of dh's sperm left,but like you, our consultant agreed to perform the op once more. He went in just below the first op + went in a little deeper. We didn't build our hopes up but, as it turned out we had enough sperm to fertilise all my eggs + have some tissue frozen for a later date. On the day of et we had 2 good grade embryos put back but,this too led to a bfn. We have been warned by our clinic not too get hopes up as the quality of dh's sperm is very poor + will be worse once it has been thawed,thats why we are hangin on for a donor backup. We are both 100% sure this is what we want to do. My dh is even prepared to use donor straight away,but its me who wants to use his sperm first as i know i would always wonder 'what if'.
Please dont apologise for ranting, we all do it,thats why its so good to know we've got this website to meet people in the same situation as ourselves. Feel free to rant as much as u need too!lol
Good luck with everything + please keep in touch
Love Bobs xx
Me 32,DH 39.Ttc 5yrs.Male factor
1st + 2nd attempt ICSI - June/Oct.. both -ve
3rd + 4thattempt ICSI.April /Oct'05..abandoned
5th attempt ICSI.. May/June '06..Last attempt + abandoned due to severe Ohss
2008/2009 Now in the process of Adoption :)

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Post by princess » Fri May 05, 2006 5:32 pm

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to pop in and lend some support.
My DH and I used donor sperm and we have a 1 month old baby boy.
Yesterday someone told DH that our son had his daddy's mouth.
I thought that was really cool, just about made me cry, only close people know that we did use donor, those who don't know say they see my husband in our son.
My DH loves Joey like you can't imagine. Everything is my boy this my boy that. If you do use donor know that you and your spouse will love your child dearly. I don't even think about the fact that he isn't geneticly my DH's because he 's OUR son.
PM me if any of you need to talk I am always available.

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Post by Lis » Sun May 07, 2006 4:22 pm

Hi everyone

Joy thanks for popping in and sharing that with us. Your story really gives me hope and keeps me positive. Dh and I are about to embark on diui and dh has been finding it a bit hard at times. He is 100% sure this is the way forward for us ( sometimes I think he is more sure than me re donor) but is still coming to terms with his negative TESE result. Unfortunatley they didn't find any sperm and the follow up lab tests showed that he had never produced sperm therefore we were advised there was absolutely no point in going for a second one. I know when our child comes along he will love him/her dearly and like you, I know we will not think of him/her as only having 50% genes . That is so lovely someone commented on Joseph lokking like your dh. Ypu both must be so thrilled.

Caz, I'm so sorry you are having a tough time right now. I think how your dh is feeling is natural but I can't help but think he would consider it if its your only option. How badly does he want a second baby? Could he live without a second one or does he want it as much as you? I think he probably needs time to sort through his feelings. Hugs to you. Chat on here to us all you like. :D

Nicki, Bobs how are you both?? I had a bit of a rant on the phoenixes board if you fancy reading it. Just totally fed up with drs and nurses not doing what hey say they'll do / should do. Think I've just been unlucky. Looks like I won't be ready to start tmt in 3 weeks as waiting to have hsg done and not sure when that can be done. Also waiting to hear from health board as to whether our tmt will be funded. Getting really impatient and not sure how long to leave it before I chase thing up. Its only been just over 2 weeks since I got a letter asking me to sign consent to our medical records......... what do you think?

Love to all xxx
Me 32 DH 34 - severe male factor
5 failed donor inseminations July- Nov '06
6th DI Jan '07 ...... finally ..... OMG BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by Lis » Thu Jun 08, 2006 10:11 pm

Hey girls Bobs , Caz, Nicki how are you all?? I know this is lazy but I got some good news from my clinic today (the local one that said it couldn't treat me due to shortage) but as its after 11 pm and I've just posted it on phoenixes Rising thread I just wanted to say do you guys mind checking out the news there (Am I cheeky or what??) Sorry huns but I found that thread first as this one was on page 4!!

I will be on again at the weekend so I'll hopefully speak to you all then (and Nicki when your back your hols sweetie).

I hope you are all doing ok

PS if you don't want to check out my news as I'm being extremely cheeky then I understand :wink: tee hee......LOL

Lisa xxxx
Me 32 DH 34 - severe male factor
5 failed donor inseminations July- Nov '06
6th DI Jan '07 ...... finally ..... OMG BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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