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Set the video....

Postby Jules » Tue Sep 03, 2002 7:48 pm

Hi everyone<br><br>Those of you at home at the mo for whatever reason may already know about this, but I just thought I'd let those of us at work and anyone who's interested know that a new series called 'The Babymakers' has just started every Monday on 'This Morning' TV programme.<br><br>It's presented by Anthea Turner and will be going through the issues of Infertility/IVF every Monday. She appeared on Monday (did anyone else see it?) with her dh to talk about their heartache of five failed IVF attempts.<br><br>It didn't cover much else other than a general intro to the topic but looks potentially promising, so I for one shall be setting the vid every Monday!!!<br><br>Take care guys<br><br>Jules xx<br><br>
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