May/June Buddies?

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Post by langton » Tue May 02, 2006 10:08 am

heray! :D
1 day to go, i start my buserelin tomorrow. i requested treatment the beging of april. but it doesnt quite feel like the balls rolling until you start injecting. cant belive i get my babies back where they safely belong at the end of this month. i really hope things go a bit smoothly this time. i have been told the only thing that can set you back with fet, is if the lining of your womb isnt thick enough, they keep you on tthe buserelin a bit longer.

i no i shouldnt! but i am so exited, i cant help myself.
i want to start looking after myself these next few weeks. i have been so run down lately, i dont no why? everyone keeps telling me this is the wrong time to be run down. i have got coldsores, spots, and generaly feel rough. you no how you feel when your on af. im not on af though?
so im gonna get myself feeling better, pleanty of fruit and veg. is everyone taking their folic acid. i keep forgeting to take mine. im gonna take it faithfully from today.

stay intouch everyone



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Post by kristin » Tue May 02, 2006 10:11 pm

Hello all
Great to find this group as I am on my first cycle and it is really comforting to learn from you all. I started downreg last week with 2 sniffs of gonal-f twice a day and if all goes according to plan the EC will be the week starting May 29th. I am just starting to appreciate how many different types of treatment there are but I was just offered one type and I assumed it was all standard! Well, this has been a massive learning curve!

I am quite excited about it all right now but I have had so many ups and downs over the last few weeks, especially just before the downreg started, now I am relieved the journey proper has begun (although lets see how I cope with the side effects- my excitement might disappear rapidly!). My dh is super-optimistic about it all and that is fine depending on my mood- sometimes I just want someone to wallow with! I have also decided to have acupuncture weekly as they claim it helps with the egg transfer bit and I have had 2 sessions so far and it has been a bit odd but quite calming and relaxing aswell and so I will definitely continue for now. I am also getting a weekly aromatherapy massage and just forcing myself to do this and making time for myself.

Mafada, I really know what it feels like to try and balance work around it all, I am super-hectic at work and it is quite overwhelming, but I have decided to just do the absolute minimum and I am not changing my travel plans as travel usually calms me down and helps my mood. kdc2006 I think you are just before me so I will be thinking of you and hope it is all going well. Good luck also to Lbebe and also to Kerri and Ushamar as both of you are doing this for a second time. Hello Angela and Lynne and tinkerbellamom and hayley- so so sad to read about your previous attempt- wishing all those little embryos good luck!

I am looking forward to some bfps from at least some of you this cycle

with love
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Post by Chel » Wed May 03, 2006 12:50 am

hi all,
Hope i can join in here with u girls.

I hav been ttc for the past 7 years, had one failed ivf and this is my second cycle. Hoping it works this time. Started downreg on 26/4 and will be on lucrin (supression) from 10/5. DH will be going overseas next week for 6 months but i will continue to cycle as he can come as and when needed.

Does anyone here cycling while DH is away. I feel very sad about his last min overseas assignment, its not part of our plan.
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Hello Girls

Post by TansRN » Wed May 03, 2006 2:16 am

Hello all-Glad to hear that things are going well for everyone for the most part.

Kristin-vacations are a great way to relax-Good for you to be able to enjoy them!

Hayley-Hope that you feel better soon. Eating right and relaxing are great ways to start to feel better. I hate feeling like I have AF all the time!
I am so happy for you that you are starting your injections. That must make it all real. :lol:

Lynn-we are on the same schedule! Woo Hoo it is always so nice to find someone who is going through the same thing at about the same time-I am looking to transfer on or around june 8.

Ushamar-what is your main fertility problem? So sorry to hear that your first one failed..what do the docs think was the problem?

I just want you to know that I really got a lot of encouragement from your post to was so encouraging to me. You have the gift of encouragement! We need you in this group! Thank you.

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Post by JESS FITZ » Wed May 03, 2006 2:35 am

HI May/June Buddies,

I wanted to add myself in here and fill you's in on me.
This will be my 2nd attempt with IVF due to 2 ruptured ectopic pregs leaving me with no tubes. I'm 31 yrs old. And I was on the April/May because I started my Lupron shots on April 16th but, I had to cancel my cycle due to my uncle being very sick in Florida and had to travel there last week. So now I will be starting up when AF arrives about May 17th then will start BCP and Lupron then when AF arrives again will start Gonal F and Menopur. My EC looks like it should be about June 14th-15th if all goes well with AF arriving when supposed to.

Glad to meet all of you's and hoping for everybody to get a BFP!!!! :)


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Post by Chel » Wed May 03, 2006 5:33 am

my EC and ET will also be around the same time as u, good to meet u! lets keep everything crossed.
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2nd ICSI in May/June +ive (BFP) praying hard for a smooth 9 months

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Post by mafalda » Wed May 03, 2006 8:26 am

Hello ladies!
Just thought I'd pop in and see how you're all doing.
Looks like most of us are cycling around the same dates, eh?
I have a question, though: some of you seem to know in advance when you are scheduled for ER... how is this possible? or is it just an estimation?
You see, in my case, it is definitely over 11-12 days of stimulation (usually around 14-15!) and we never know until the last moment when ER will be (or IF it will take place at all...). Maybe your response is more predictable, which is great! Less agony to deal with...
I just wanted to share this with you, so that we can add it to the "list of positive things to think of"...
Tanya, thanks a lot for your kind and touching words... I have also found a lot of support here, you never know where it will come from!
To you and all the other girls (LisaL, Langton, Chel, Jess Fitz, Kristin, Lynne, Angelamw, Lbebe, Keri, Ushamar... I hope I haven't left anyone out!), please don't forget:
What we are going through is PART of our life, not ALL of it! Let's all try to keep the balance between this effort and the rest of the things we have/wish for.
The time we have even during these efforts will not come back!... how would you rather spend it?... :wink:

(sorry for the mumbo-jumbo but I really feel strongly about this lately...)
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Post by foster » Wed May 03, 2006 12:32 pm

Hi Guys

I am going to jump in and join the fun. I am on day 10 of a FET cycle. My ET will be on 9th May with hopefully (if they survive the defrost) 3 X three day embryos. I am taking Estrofem 4 X daily and start building up my meds the closer we get to ET when the old progesterone injections come out, including twice daily of the suppositeries.

Chel, my husband is also away this month and doesn't even have to fly in to produce his side of the goods. It all feels very strange.

I did my first IVF with ICSI and assisted hatching in March 06 which unfortunately didn't work but am lucky enough to have three embies waiting for me. Fingers crossed for this time.

Heres to us all having a good month and sharing our stories.


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Post by langton » Thu May 04, 2006 10:49 am

Hi i am afficialy on my day 1 of my fet today :D :D :D .
i went to the hospital yesterday to pick up my injections, but i couldnt start untill today. im a litle nervous about doing them tonight, im sure it will all come back to me after the first one. can't belive its day one :D :D :D

I'm feeling loads better. i went and got my fruit and veg, and i have been taking my foic acid. and yesterday i fell asleep in the lovely sunshine and got myself a tan. so im looking better aswell. my friends so cheered me up yesterday, they have all noticed ive been a bit down. they are really understanding. and they threw a barbaque just for me last night. it was so sweet. my friend phoned me up and said put your make up on an come to mine for 7. i couldnt be botherd but went anyway. when i got there all our best of friends was there. i said whats all this? and they said it was for me to cheer me up. pre FET party. i had a couple of drinks and really enjoyed myself.

i feel ready for anything now! i just woke up today and feel so much better. plus seeing all these posts on this thread cheers me up to.

keep in touch everyone


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Post by lynne » Thu May 04, 2006 2:15 pm

Hi all,
Hayley, it sounds like you have some really good friends. You lucky thing. Hope this is the one for you.
TansRN it will be good to be cycling with someone else. You may have read in my other post that AF is being an evil witch and I thought I was going to have to delay my cycle. But things have settled down and I only have to wait until tomorrow now. So she had better not show her evil face!!!!
Mafalda, your little quotes make me quizzical. Keep posting them as I'm sure they're an inspiration for many. I'm not sure about myself though. I think people's EC date are just an approxiamation. My clinic gives you a general week. Last time I was 5 days later. Who knows this time. It helps to have a general time scale for planning work and things. I'm fairly flexible as I'm self employed, but I know others have to put in holidays.
Hiya Jess. Weren't you a New Year Buddy at some point? Glad to see you're back on the roller coaster.
I'm completely rubbish at remembering everyone, so apologies to everyone else for not mentioning you. I'm desperately trying to keep myself busy so I don't dwell on whether AF will or will not emerge, but my students don't seem to have the same idea and I've had a couple of cancellations. Things are drastic. I may have to get the hoover out!!!!!! :lol:
Baby dust to you all.

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Hi again !Itz Me!!

Post by USP » Thu May 04, 2006 2:50 pm

Hello everyone,
Itz very nice to see you again. I may start my Lupron from 8th May and I have my first apt. for the acupuncture session on the same day. I dont know how am I going to feel that. Can anyone xplain their acupuncture exp.?
Hi Tanya,
Thanks for your concern tds. my pblm. Well My first IVF failed bcoz of my dh poor sperm quality.Thatz the reason for me undergoing IVF with ICSI treatment. I LOVE MY HUBBY ANYWAY! :)
Hi Chel and Foster,
Sorry to hear that ur hubbies are away at this time of period.But we are all here for you and I hope u have some good friends around you to help.
Hey Kristin,
Thanks for your wishes.And also enjoy your vacation.

And My wishes to everyone in this forum to see BFP on the end of this rollercoster ride.

I logged as ushamar before and now as USP.Hereafter u can see me as USP.

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Post by foster » Fri May 05, 2006 2:15 am

Hi all

USP don't worry about a thing with the accupuncture. If you can cope with invasive IVF then a few relaxing needles are nothing. I started it about three weeks ago absolutely petrified. He massaged my head then gave me a little pat there, I thought, oh that's nice a little head massage first, and then lo and behold he said first needle in. Of course I never dreamt he would be sticking one in there but I have to say I didn't even notice. It was a dream from thereon out. I didn't have it for my fresh cycle and I want to see if it makes a difference for my FET. I am also splurging on reflexology and reikki healing. Although, as the time is getting nearer for the ET I am saving my pennies for that as we pay as we go here.

Its great to have you all to chat to as I really miss hubby. However, he seems to suffer more the hormonal swings than me. When I came round from ER on our first attempt I felt like getting out of bed and offering it to him he looked so ill. Also, the injections were a bit of a nightmare, the first time he almost fainted and the nurse had to sit with him although he was insistant on doing it. Everyday there would be about ten minutes preparation and heaven help me if I wasn't laying exactly right with the plaster ready to hand. I really didn't have time to worry about myself as poor DH was the one that was taking it all a lot worse. I think he would like to come home at the end of this trip and hear of a BFP. I hope I wont let him down. Does anyone elses hubbys find it hard?

Good luck everyone.


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Post by USP » Fri May 05, 2006 1:40 pm

Hi Foster,
Thanks for your reply about acupunture. My first appt. is on this monday,same day I am strating on my Lupron.
Well, my hubby is also more sensitive than me. I could sense his pain when he inject on me the progesterone injection.All the more when our first cycle result came as negative,I cired a lot and aloud.I could not see my hubby face like that.From then on, every second,i am just preying to my GOD not to let him again in that situation for ever in his life.For his sake,i wish this cycle should be successful for us. Take care everybody.I am feeling better sharing my emotions with you ladies.

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Post by LucyBucy » Sun May 07, 2006 10:13 am

Hi all,

I've been on the April/May thread for a few weeks but thought I would be greedy and join you guys too :)

I was just reading your first posting Lisa and it really struck a chord with me. I felt exactly the same when I was just about to start my treatment. I had just changed my career and had a part time job in fashion production which was really poorly paid (but I loved it) but had to go back to the IT industry to bring in some money for treatment. That was stressful enough, then I felt that all future plans were put into question because you don't know if you'll be pregnant, still on IVF etc etc.

My way around it was to just clear my diary - since then I have only tentatively accepted invitations, and have only been scheduling a week in advance. Otherwise, how will I know what mood I'm in, whether I'll be in pain or tired that day? It is a pain in the ass but from my view point, IVF is the MOST important thing to achieve right now so if I prioritise that, then all other activities come second place! Just keep in mind that your health and peace of mind are more important than anything else right now - its time to be selfish!!

I had major anxiety for the first couple of weeks of my treatment, just from worrying about all the drugs and what they were doing to my body - my stress levels were sky high. Since then, I've had 2 acupuncture sessions which have worked wonders - I feel completely relaxed and calm and I've only suffered from one mood swing since going on the stims!

Best of luck to you in sorting everything out xx

Tinkerbellamom - about your exercise, I've read that aerobics isn't recommended during stimulation or 2ww. The Zita West book (my bible) says that you shouldn't do anything that will take heat and energy away from your abdomen as this needs as much help as possible to get those follies to grow! Also, definitely don't do aerobics during 2ww, too much bouncing around for the embryo! I reckon walking would be ok tho. Has anyone else read any different?

Chel - my DH works away a lot too - isn't it horrible being left to deal with everything on your own? We're all here for you if you need to chat x

I don't have an EC date but I'm hoping it will be at the end of this week 13/14 May..? We'll see how the follies get on, they feel huge already.

Good luck to everyone, may we all have many BCPs :D
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Post by Emma27 » Sun May 07, 2006 8:18 pm

I started my acupuncture course last week and i am due to start my burserlin injections tomorrow night, not really looking forward to the fresh cycle as i was quite poorly last time i have a fresh cycle as i nearly hyperstimulated, i was right on the border with my hormones, but they are putting me on a lower dose of stimms this time to make sure that it does not happen again so fingers crossed.

Luckily i am taking 3 weeks off at the end of the cycle, the last week of stimms and the 2ww!!!!

Good luck to all!!
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