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Post by kristin » Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:00 am

hey there
all went fine today, the ET took place and it was really quite moving. A really lovely nurse did it all and she did the trial transfer before and was there for the EC. Quite amazing in that, apart from the initial consultation in January, I have not seen a consultant at all! We were also really lucky as they have been able to freeze 18 little embies.
Kdc dont worry about not feeling well. My woman told me that I am likely to have reducing symptoms in a week if I am NOT pregnant and likely to feel much worse with more bloating and filling up of those tender ovaries if I am pregnant....
They gave us a home preg test to do on June 15th... feels like much longer than a 2ww!!!!
lots of love
me 36, dh 47
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May 06: ivf + icsi: BFP- little gal born feb 07


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well done

Post by kdc2006 » Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:35 pm so happy your ET went well.....i thought about you earlier and hoped that your ET went ahead...was a little doubtful incase you had glad your ok....good result that 18 were frozen..... my god girl can produce :wink: ....hope to here from ya soon.... kareen....xxxp.s. take up knitting.....this 2ww is ironic :x

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