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OHS - Anybody

Postby Charmaine » Wed Sep 04, 2002 9:38 am

Has anybody else suffered from this syndrome - At my first attempt of IVF my egg collection was around the 50 mark. Although I was happy with so many eggs the retrival process was extremly painful as it went on and on. I was sedated but it wore off and the pain was awful. <br>After the EC/ET and the long wait - no pregancy. But after the huge amount of eggs collected I had a lot of fluid in my ovaries which resulted in an ambulance (the pain was excruciating) and on arrival at hospital I was told that I had over 10 ovarian cysts one which had burst. Ouch - On a more positive note we managed to get 20 embryos frozen. <br><br>Love<br>Charmaine<br>x
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OHS - Anybody

Postby JackieT » Wed Sep 04, 2002 4:52 pm

hi Charmaine.<br>i too suffered ohs but mild, the EC was excruciating near the end as the could not get to one ovary very well. The pain lasted for days after and i could hardly sit, stand or walk. all eased up as i kept taking lots of water. they could not get out all eggs. they stopped at 11 and 7 fertilised and 2 went back in. the others were destroyed as no good. i am now in my 2 WW and suffering{mentally]. are you going to start again? talk soon.<br>love jackie.xxx<br>
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OHS - Anybody

Postby MichelleS » Wed Sep 04, 2002 6:10 pm

Hi Charmaine!<br><br>Firstly, welcome to the site - it is a great source of help and comfort, and makes you realise that you are not alone.<br><br>I had my first attempt at ICSI in July and ended up with OHSS. They collected 42 eggs from me, left a few small ones in, and yes - it was awful. I threw up half-way through it all. My doctor did not transfer any embryos as they said it was too dangerous for me - at the time I was upset but I guess it stopped me from having to go into hospital. I had 19 eggs at the right stage, 14 fertilised and 10 frozen. We intend to start again with FET at the beginning of November, after a holiday. The hospital told me that if by a small miracle it resulted in a pregnancy I would have to have progesterone injections for the first 3 months. I went back for a scan 3 weeks ago - still enlarged but getting better. I drank a lot of water and cranberry juice over the 7 days I had to keep going to the hospital for checks - the cranberry juice really seemed to work. <br><br>Anyway, don't know if that was much help. Good luck! <br>Michelle :-0)
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