Desperatley need some hope!!

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Desperatley need some hope!!

Post by Corinna » Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:40 am

Hi all,

I REALLY need to hear some success stories. DH are beside ourselves with worry & stress.

We had our first consultation last Thurs. I had my scan of my uterus and ovaries and my doc had a look at the blood flow to my womb. I have a 13 year old daughter from a previous relationship (high school boyfriend to be precise! :wink: ) who was concieved naturally. Since then, I have had 2 ectopic pregancies and have lost both my tubes. My doc said that everything looked great! My womb & ovaries are great and I have good blood flow apparently! He said that my chances of having a baby are good as my body "recognises a pregnancy". I was thrilled!!

He then asked for a sample of my DH's sperm. Within 30 mins, the embryologist was back with the results. " Occassional motile sperm". Doc suggested that we freeze 3 samples for egg collection day rather than rely on a good fresh sample. DH will also have to give a fresh sample on the day just incase the frozen sperm don't surive the thaw. Failing that, he may have to have surgical sperm retrieval. He also had some bloods taken for FSH. Those results came back today. 17.6..
Testicular failure basically...

We are devasted.

Doc said he will do what he can to get some good sperm from DH. I asked whether we need to consider donor sperm but he was very vague with the answer and said that he didn't know at this stage. I thought that was better than a yes I suppose, but I'm just clutching at straws at the mo.

Everything was going so well!! Both me & DH have been really good in terms of cutting down on drinking & smoking. We've completely cut out coffee, etc. We've both been taking multi vits (DH been taking Wellman). I've also been going for accupuncture. I think we both just assumed that the biggest problem was with me, when infact its DH that needs the most help.

I really need some inspiring stories cos at the moment I feel like curling up and giving up. I can't stop crying, but I feel gulity for crying cos I need to be strong for DH. It wasn't supposed to be like this!!!

The clinic have suggested we get on with tmt asap, so I'm actually gonna start stimming in 10 days time (I'm on the short protocol). Its all happening very fast and we don't even know whether we can get any sperm from DH!!

Please help. Tell me what to do before I go completely crackers!!!!

Lots of love.. xx
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Post by Mel_P » Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:43 am

Hi Corinna,
Sorry to hear your feeling so much stress at the moment. Try hard to take some deep breaths and take it easy. The good thing is that things look very well with you and they have been readily able to identify the problem with your DH. Does your clinic do ISCI (I think this is the term)? This is where they extract the sperm and literally take a singular sperm in syringe and force fertilisation? So requires very few motile sperm to be able to get a fertilised egg. This was how my friend conceived with her DH who had absolutly zero motility. Its used for very low motile sperm.

Its so easy to find things to clutch onto and worry your poor heart out, but you have to trust that if it wasnt this there would be something else to make your worry yourself sensless. I know this news must have been an extra blow, but try and think that the problem isn't insurmountable and there are things you can do.

Your feeling awful now, try not to get down on yourself because you feel the extra pressure of being strong for someone else. Your DH understands how hard this all is. And you will come bounce back and feel stronger. Sorry to waffle, will leave you with lots and lots of baby dust. Good luck to you both.

(....Maybe there are some people who can offer some more specific advice on the DH side, I know that I saw a chinese practitioner for a while, who also did a lot of treatment to help fertility in males.)

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Post by AuntyPebbles » Tue Jun 13, 2006 10:14 am

Hi Corinna,
i know its easy for me to say but please try not to stress too much, it sounds to me like your DR is giving you worse case so when the out come is better its a bonus.... they can work mirricals with the little your Hubby has left all they need is 1 live sperm per egg it doesnt even have to be mobile ..i think its a lot easier to fix what hubby has wrong try not to worry im sure all will go well for you youll see

Hugs Debz
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Post by Shelley Hill » Tue Jun 13, 2006 6:12 pm

Hi Corinna,

Although we are not quite the same, (DH had a vasectomy) My DH had a sergical Sperm retrival and we've had ICSI as this was the most effective way. I am in the 2 WW, so do not know if it has been successful.

However, they don't need to be mobile for ICSI as they inject straight into the egg. We had 4 out of our 7 eggs fertilize and become grade 1 embroyo's. Not huge numbers, but we were pleased.

Anyway, his procedure was done under a general and he did not even have a bruise!! I think this does depend how far they have to go though, he was very lucky.

I hope this has helped a bit.

Good luck honey and try not too stress too much.

Lot's of love and luck.

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Post by saraid » Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:36 pm

Hi Corinna,

My dh and i have also done ICSI with a positive 1st time around! He is a CF carrier which means that his sperm do not even have the oppurtunity to reach maturity. This means they have no tails so acan only lie there and twitch. We had 13 eggs retreived and 6 fertilize with 4 put in the freezer. As your DH can produce a sample you are already half way there and as you have had a viable pregnancy before you have as good a chance as the next person. It only takes one you know.

Good luck and keep up the PMA, DH will need it as they do feel like they have let us down and it emasculates them for a while.

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Post by Ghost » Tue Jun 13, 2006 8:39 pm


From what you wrote, I think your chances with IVF are very good. The embryologist will have 4 samples to work with. He'll find the good ones.

You're doing everything right, just need to stop stressing.

Best of luck.

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