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Postby Tee » Tue Aug 27, 2002 9:38 am

Hi there Lisa!<br>How are you? I noticed your posting on the intros thing, and thought I'd welcome you back to the UK. Are you sorry you came back yet? Pants isn't it? Just think of all that sunshine you left behind!<br>Anyway you're closer to us now, and that's the main thing. <br>HAve you settled in to a new place yet? And are you balancing yourself on the edge of the rollercoaster again? I read that you're thinking about adoption, does that mean you're going to wave bye bye to the joys of IVF? We think about adoption a fair bit, but feel that we've got to have a few more cracks of the whip yet. Really shitty though isn't it? I think I'm off again in Sept/ Oct. After the first failure it seemed such a long time to get round to the second, but this time I feel a bit rushed into it. I don't know. Are you ever really ready for it?<br>God so many questions...<br>Anyway, just wanted to say hello and welcome, let us know how things are,<br>Lots of love Tee xxx
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Postby Loonpants » Sun Sep 08, 2002 5:18 pm

Hi Tee<br><br>Thanks for the welcome back it was nice to be remembered. So many new people on here I can't keep track.<br><br>We are settling in slowly but surely and I must admit the weather hasn't been too bad since we got back.<br><br>We haven't decided when or if we are going to try ICSI again. It is alot to think about, especially the fact that it will be so much more expensive here in UK. I have looked into a couple of clinics but it will be like starting all over again and not sure if they will put us on a waiting list or not. Sometimes I think we get to the stage where we think shall we just stay on our own.<br><br>I have decided to try and work with pre-school kids, not because I'm a raving loony who will nick someone elses kids, it's something I have thought long and hard about. Of course I keep being asked if I have kids, people are so judgemental when I say no they just think I haven't bothered yet. It is a complete career change for me but I've decided after all that we have been through this last 12 months I'm going to start doing what I want for a change. How's that for decisive?<br><br>Since returning from Cyprus I have given up the dreaded weed (I only used to have one in times of stress or drunkenness, never when having treatment), cut down on the booze (can't afford it) and started walking loads (the greenery of the countryside is something I have missed) and joined weight watchers, can't say I'm not trying to get fit and well and I am making sure me and hubby are taking vits, especially zinc for him!!!<br><br>Anyway let me know how you are getting on with your treatment, all good things come to those who wait. <br><br>Wishing you all the best<br><br>Lisa(Loonpants)<br>xxxx
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