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Anyone else had probs down reg?

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Anyone else had probs down reg?

Postby Jan » Wed Aug 28, 2002 4:18 pm

This is my first post on this site. I am amazed to find so many of you here and some of your stories are heartbreaking. I hope I will be able to offer advice and a shoulder to cry on.<br><br>My DH and I have been ttc for 2yrs 3 months. In April we decided to go for IVF. It turns out we need ICSI. I had all tests done and I am in the clear but DH has low sperm. We orgially signed up to donate my eggs for research (they would donate £1,000 towards our own treatment) but I had cysts and couldnt go ahead (rules and regulations - they couldnt use women who had cysts) after 3 months of waiting to see if they went by themselves. Although they have gone now.<br><br>So I started the nasal spray in April went back after 2 weeks hoping to start injections but the lining of the womb was too thick. This has been going on since and havnt been allowed to start injections. My nurse says I am a conundrum because the lining is so thick and they cant get it down after trying numerous different ways. She said in all her career she has never come across someone like me. Really makes me feel better! I have been down reg for so long that they cancelled my treatment and said they will start again in September when AF arrives. <br><br>Thing is with this mix up about the white couple who had black twins recently on the news, they are cutting down how many patients that go through the system and my nurse is saying that she can only start one patient a week, so this reduces the risk of this happening again so I will probably get to see her around Christmas time as she has so many other patients. AAARRRGGGHHH <br><br>I'm sorry to moan but I really am sick of waiting. I feel I want someone to blame and there isnt. I thought IVF was an easy way out for our problems but how wrong could I be. I want to know what they are going to do differently in September that they could have already done. Just feels like a complete waste of time. Does this make sense?<br><br>Anyway I'll stop babbling and hope to make some IVF buddies for the future.<br><br>Love<br>Jan<br>XXX
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Anyone else had probs down reg?

Postby beck » Wed Aug 28, 2002 6:18 pm

hello jan,<br>i have been waiting since may to start, but so many thngs were happening that it got cancelled, but im starting in september to .<br>glad you have joined us on here, there is so many people to answer you questions.<br>keep posting and chin up<br>beck x x x
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Anyone else had probs down reg?

Postby Dee » Fri Aug 30, 2002 4:41 pm

Jan<br><br>I just wanted to say that I had cysts that were producing oestrogen which was preventing the lining of my uterus frm going down. I had the largest cyst drained and then the lining went down and I was able to continue with the IVF. Since you have a tendency for cysts, perhaps this could be the problem? (although I'm sure your hospital will have thought of this)<br><br>I hope things work out for you soon.<br><br>Love<br>Dee xxx.
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Anyone else had probs down reg?

Postby tshepher » Mon Sep 09, 2002 1:16 pm

Jan<br>I really feel for you. I'm having the same trouble and like you, I never thought this part would be an issue. I expected that later-on I might have to face failure but not within the first few weeks.<br>I'm now on my 4th week of injecting Buserelin to try to down reg. Apparently it's better than the same point when I tried before but still need to keep going before I can start with Gonal-F. So it's looking a bit more positive and let's face it giving-up isn't an option.<br>Have you started your treatment yet ?? My Gynae has mentioned a drug called Zoladex that they might try me on if this cycle has to be abandoned. Apparently it's a super-duper one off injection - inter-muscular (which sounds like ouch!!) but might be worth a try ???<br>Good luck and let me know how you get on.<br>Terri.<br>x<br>
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