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Hopeful in Indiana
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Post by Hopeful in Indiana » Thu Aug 03, 2006 1:54 pm

I am so scared my IVF did not work. I just feel like me being pregnant is such an impossible feat. It is so hard for me to believe that they placed two embryos in and that they would be growing inside me right now. I just feel like I have been struggling with this so long that it is impossible. I am also feeling crampy every now and then, which happened last time when it did not work. I'm really scared.


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Post by AMck » Thu Aug 03, 2006 2:04 pm

Hi Hopeful,
Sending you some extra strong PMA. Everyone feels like this at some stage...please try not to worry. I know that it is easier said than done.
The 2ww is absolute hell. Please hang in there, think lots of positive thoughts. If you read previous posts you will see that lots of ladies had cramping during their 2ww and went on to get BFP's!!

Baby dust to you
Everything crossed
Take care
Anna x
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Hopeful in Indiana
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Post by Hopeful in Indiana » Thu Aug 03, 2006 2:51 pm

What is PMA?? Sorry, I'm new to this :oops:
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That makes 2 of us

Post by Pat19 » Thu Aug 03, 2006 3:45 pm

Hi Hopeful in Indiana,

Honey I know how your feeling right now, I had my 2 embies put back yesterday and I can't believe it, especially after what I got told first thing yesterday morning. (I know you read the post I sent yesterday, because you was one of the first to reply to me).

Me and U need to be strong and positive for one another. God bless our embies, and all the other embies out there.


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Post by Rileydee » Thu Aug 03, 2006 4:08 pm

Hey Hopeful- I just got my BFP on friday and was feeling exactly like you before I got the call. I took two HPT (home tests) yesterday cause I still can't believe it. They were positive. Just try to have faith. I'm am sending you tons of baby dust and PMA (positive mental attitude). Goood luck to you!!!!!
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Post by Ghost » Thu Aug 03, 2006 5:47 pm


You cannot tell what those embryos are doing for awhile. They are microscopic.

Try to be positive and not worry now. Stress cannot help.

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