Question about complications that cancel ET

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Question about complications that cancel ET

Post by meadowlark » Fri Aug 04, 2006 4:25 pm

Hello everyone, I'm very new to this (well, both IVF and internet forums). I'm wondering if anyone could answer a question. I'm originally from Oregon but live in the Czech Republic now. We have very high quality health care here so I'm not particularly worried that the lab or clinic we are going to (which many people from the west come to because it is well known and relatively cheap even if you don't have Czech insurance) wouldn't be technically good at what they do. But there is one problem here. The dr.s are very very uncommunicative. They tell you nothing. Only: Come back in x number of days. Take this injection. Not why. Never what is planned next. No calendar.

As a result, I've done a lot of reading on my own. That can tell me the basic ideal cycle but not the complications. Now, I've been through the EC in July and fertilised 6 embryos with ICSI. They're all frozen now because they said I had endometrial hyperplasia all of the sudden (even though I never had any history of that before). Well, actually they didn't really tell me that. I found it in a medical report they gave me and so I looked it up. They just told me I couldn't do the ET that month. Anyway, hyperplasia is something you usually get if you don't ovulate, but I have always had my AF so regular, the moon probably schedules her phases according to me. :lol: So, after I was really assertive and demanded some answers the dr.s grudgingly admitted that it was probably a reaction to the stims.

I thought that was OK and I'd just survive another month. But now this month they say I'm not ovulating, so they can't do the ET in Aug. either. Has anyone ever heard of this. Could the stims mess up someone who normally ovulates really well??? Do they put you off for a few months afterwards?

In any case, I'm battling a little let-down depression at the moment. I guess it is probably a preview of what you are all calling a BFN would be like. I think I'm trying to look on the bright side and figure this is at least preparing me so I won't be too overly excited to be let down later. I'm glad I found this site. It looks like there is a good thing going here. Having a community of women dealing with this is a great thing. I'm sending some positive energy out to all those who are waiting for results right now.


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Post by Smita » Fri Aug 04, 2006 7:12 pm

Hi Arie,
Welcome here!
You sound positive despite what i can imagine has been a frustrating time..
About stims messing up your cycle, yes they can do so frequently..
Just want to wish you good luck!!

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Post by meadowlark » Fri Aug 04, 2006 7:25 pm

Thanks, Smita. I have to say that the odd part about my psychological state at the moment is that I am very obviously depressed and yet I don't seem to be suffering over it, if that makes any sense. I physically feel totally exhausted, even though I have been off of all treatments for 3 weeks and was feeling great up until yesterday, when I found out for sure that we weren't going to be able to go ahead. Then, I could barely drag myself home and into bed. I move slow and can't concentrate. The only things I want to do are rhythmic non-thinking activities, such as ironing curtains. Typical depression stuff, but although I am sad, I got over most of that relatively quickly, but the physical symptoms of depression are hanging on. Anyway, just odd. I wonder if that happens commonly with this sort of thing. The need for having a baby can be such a physical, cellular thing that I sometimes feel the effects go far deeper than what I'm consciously aware of. -Arie
Me 30, DH 41 - ttc 4 years
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Post by Annie » Fri Aug 04, 2006 11:01 pm

Hi ,
I started ivf due to blocked tubes and on the first visit i was told i had polycystic ovaries on scan but not to worry as I didnt have the syndrome . Subsequently I had lots of probs withe the ivf which they then then casually put down to PCOS.I definately think that the process of ivf excaceerbated my condition and could disrupt your cycle but in my case eventually I gave birth to a beautiful little girl so it was worth persevering ( ie they will work out a way to suit your body)
good luck
Annie ( back to give the frozen guys a chance)

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Post by jemima » Sat Aug 05, 2006 1:56 am

Arie, :D

I hope somebody will explain about your problem soon. I also like you. The moon also schedules AF according to me. I also don't have good communication with My IVF DR. 3 DR told me that I had very small egg. They found 7-8 eggs on me but very small :( :( I don't know this condition will affect my IVF or not.
Wish you the best on your program. God Bless

Luv n Hug,
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