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Postby Helen » Mon Sep 09, 2002 6:06 pm

Have just been reading a book by Marilyn Glenville PhD on Natural Solutions to infertility, and I am a bit bothered by something I read.<br><br>It mentions the risks with ICSI....of which I allready knew (and have been over in my head again and again believe me!) and then it goes on to recommend that DH's sperm is karyotyped (fancy word for chromosome evaluation). This is to pre-determine genetic causes of infertility so as not to pass any problems on to the baby.<br>Noone has ever suggested this to us before, have any of you heard this?? Should I worry??<br><br>DH has said I musn't read so many books as I get paranoid and start imagining things......its too late to do another test any way as I start down regging on the 19th, but you know what its like this treatment is v.important and I need to know all is ok!<br><br>Helen xx
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Postby Tracy » Tue Sep 10, 2002 10:09 am

Hi Helen<br><br>I too read Marilyn's book and we went to see her at the beginning of the year, took the tablets etc etc.... Nothing happened after months!! We are now going through 1st attemot at ICSI - in fact I'm expecting the egg collection next week (terrified about this)!! They did mention karyotyping to us at the clinic. It is something we may consider and I plan to talk to them about it when I go for my next check up. I'm sligtly worried about asking too much at this stage as I'm quite close to the end of the treatment and I don't want to be put off!! When I have a chat with them I'll post on the site and let you know what they say.<br><br>Good luck with your treatment Helen!<br>Love<br>Tracy
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