Wanting some luck!

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Wanting some luck!

Post by bertie » Wed May 07, 2003 12:23 pm

Hiya all<br>I logged in before the hackers and lost my registration so I've had to re-register. Dont know if anyone will remember me - I was a first time failure. Understimulated on the IVF - was completely gobsmacked. Doctor told me to ring on my next period, which I did and now I've been told to ring on my next one as what I have just had is apparently a 'drug bleed' and not a real one!<br>Can someone bring me some luck please as we've been trying for over 6 years and I feel like I'm always going backwards. As they say - the only luck I have is bad luck!<br>Sorry to be so depressing.<br>Bertie x<br>PS I've been looking over other topics and theres lots of abbreviations - I'm not doing too bad at the moment with guessing what they all are - I'm an abbreviation virgin at the moment!
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Wanting some luck!

Post by Mags529 » Wed May 07, 2003 12:49 pm

Hi Bertie<br><br>I was trying for 7 years and now pg with twins, it can and will happen. <br><br>You are not being depressing, sometime this fertility business does get to us and you can't blame us.....what a rollercoaster it is.<br><br>I am sending lots of luck and will be watching your progress.<br><br>Good Luck<br><br>Love Mags

Jo Locker
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Wanting some luck!

Post by Jo Locker » Wed May 07, 2003 1:15 pm

hi Bertie.... Mags is right - it does happen for people and it can happen for you.<br><br>We've been ttc since 1999 and it does seem very unfair at times when people all around seem to be pregnant just so easily without even trying!!<br><br>There are times when you feel down about it but just put your feelings down on screen and there'll always be someone here who's "up" when you're "down" that I guarantee you.<br><br>Mags - you lucky thing!! I want to be you one day - well done. lots of love, Jo. XXXXXXXXXx

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